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Little-Known Tips For Avoiding Car Crashes

Most ways to avoid car crashes and the resulting personal injuries rely on common sense. We all need to be reminded of the basic rules and basic common tips for avoiding car accidents. However, there are also some lesser-known ways you can avoid car accidents, according to experts. These tips may not be what you learned in driving school, but they can help keep you safe on the road:

1) Stay away from the left lane. This is where most highway car accidents take place, and there are a few reasons for this. This is the lane where traffic tends to go fastest and it is also the lane where you have fewer places to go in the event that you need to get out of the lane fast. Statistically, the right and center lanes give you more options in preventing an accident and decrease your chances of a crash.

2) Pay attention to hand position and grip. You should have your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock position at the wheel and your grip should be similar to what you exert on a telephone. The position ensures that you have the best possible control of the car if you suddenly need to move fast. The grip helps ensure that the wheel does not slip from your hands and that you hands don’t get too tired from a white-knuckle grip.

3) Sit closer to the steering wheel than you normally would. The best position for your seat is so that you can place your wrist on top of the steering wheel, with your arm stretched out all the way. Your back should be flat against the seat. While this is closer than most drivers sit to the wheel, it is actually how race car drivers sit, as it improves control of the vehicle.

4) Avoid going over curbs and other solid objects that will cause your car to leave the pavement. At high speeds, especially, this is the primary cause of car rollovers. Even if you have an SUV, avoid obstructions or steer around them. In the event of speed bumps, slow down.

5) Don’t eye attractive people on the sidewalk or the billboards. You may scoff, but studies have shown that drivers ogling attractive people of the opposite sex results in 900,000 car accidents annually. Keep your eyes on the road.

6) Avoid bugs. Insects and other animals cause accidents each year, because drivers often panic when a large insect flies in through their window and while trying to swat at the pest they often do not pay enough attention to the road. Keep your windows closed if you are driving slowly or have stopped, to avoid insects from getting in your car. If an insect does fly in, stay calm and pull over before trying to shoo it away.