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Pedestrian Accidents are a Serious Concern for Motorists in the Summer

While automobile accidents are common – too common – year-round, in the summer pedestrian accidents are a concern for many motorists. Pedestrian accidents are common in the summer and, unfortunately, a disproportionate number of these accidents involve child victims. All pedestrian accidents tend to involve serious injuries. Most pedestrians involved in accidents suffer from serious head injuries, spinal cord injuries and other life-threatening injuries. Since children are smaller, their injuries in a pedestrian accident are more likely to be fatal. Here are some ways to avoid being in a pedestrian accident this summer:

1) Exercise caution when reversing. Children will sometimes run behind a car, not knowing that it is in reverse. Children often do not look for the driver or for a car’s lights when they run out to chase a ball. Check all your blind spots before reversing, especially in a parking lot or a driveway.

2) Consider installing a camera in your car that allows you to see directly behind your car. This device displays the view directly behind your car right on your dash board. These devices cost less than $100 and make parking much easier while also preventing accidents. These devices are especially handy if you drive a large truck or SUV.

3) Be careful in residential areas, especially areas that allow on-street parking. Areas with cars parked on either side restrict visibility – a child could run out from between parked cars very suddenly, especially in residential areas, where children sometimes play close to the road.

4) Slow down. In many cases, speed is a deciding factor in car accidents. If you are speeding, you will not have enough time to slow down if a child runs out into the street. If you are speeding, you are more likely to kill someone if you are in a pedestrian accident.

5) Teach your own children pedestrian safety. Teach your own children to cross only at sidewalks and teach your children how to be responsible pedestrians. If your children play outside in the summer, make certain that they play far away from road ways.