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Motorcycle Safety Tips to Prevent a Roadway Accident

Motorcycles are a wonderful way to enjoy the freedom of the road, especially with the great whether southern Florida is known for. However, motorcycle accidents also tend to occur at a higher rate when compared with accidents involving other vehicles. The smaller footprint of a motorcycle can make it harder for other motorists to see and motorcyclists are more at risk from negligence and recklessness on the part of motorists. In addition, motorcycles don’t have the stability of four wheels and can more easily slide or tip, especially with high speed and on turns.


Nevertheless, there are ways to ride a motorcycle safely. You can improve your chances of safety by following these tips:

1) Take a motorcycle class or safety school program. If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, especially, or if you have taken a long break since you last rode a motorcycle, a safety program or refresher course with a professional can help you review the basics of safety and can help you address any bad habits that can put you at risk.

2) Practice easing out the clutch, turning, and other vital skills. Start slow and in low traffic areas and practice the basics. Once you’ve mastered them, you can head for the highways and more intense driving situations.

3) Do not sightsee while on your motorcycle. Because there are no obstructions, it can be tempting to take in the scenery when you’re on your motorcycle. However, motorcycles require even more concentration than operating a passenger car. Seconds of inattention can easily lead to a serious motorcycle or truck collision in Hollywood or your community. When you’re on a motorcycle, you want to focus on driving only. If you want to take in the sights, pull over first.

4) Stay visible. Visibility is a serious concern for motorcyclists, in part due to inattention on the part of motorists. There’s not much you can do about reckless drivers who do not pay attention, but you can improve your chances of avoiding an accident by staying as visible as possible. Wear bright colors and reflective clothing, especially at night. Use your lights and make sure your motorcycle has as much visibility as possible. Make sure you can see, too. Use goggles or other eye protection to ensure you can see clearly.

5) Stay sober and well-rested when riding. Being in good physical condition and avoiding alcohol or drugs can ensure you have the response times needed to avoid a collision. You increase your chances of being in an accident considerably when you drink and ride or when you ride your motorcycle fatigued.

6) Ride defensively. Always keep your next few moves in mind when you’re riding. Thinking ahead ensures you keep your full focus on the road, prevents distraction, and ensures you are more ready for any unexpected maneuvers.

7) Always wear a helmet. It won’t prevent a motorcycle accident. However, if you are in an accident, a helmet can save your life by reducing your risk of severe head injury. Since head injuries are one of the key causes of motorcycle fatalities, wearing a helmet properly each time is one of these best ways to prevent motorcycle fatalities.

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