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Road Rage Incidents in Hollywood and Across Florida

Road range can stem from virtually anything. Driving itself can be frustrating, especially when heavy traffic or discourteous drivers are a factor. Aggressive driving occurs when a driver is not able to control their emotions and acts out. In the mildest forms, road rage can involve no more than a few curse words and a rude hand gesture. In serious incidents, though, people have resorted weapons and drivers have been killed in these incidents. Road rage can also be a distraction which can lead to car crashes in Hollywood and other communities.


We all have a responsibility to avoid road rage incidents. While we cannot control the emotions of others, there are several things we can do to make the roads safer for everyone:

1) Keep a check on your own emotions.

While you can’t do much about emotional state other drivers, there are many things you can do about your own. Avoid driving when you’re already grumpy or angry. If you are calm, it may be easier to keep emotions in check if anyone cuts you off or does something unpleasant on the road. Similarly, avoid driving when you are tired, stressed, in a hurry, or under the influence. All of these things can affect your emotional state and can make it harder for you to drive calmly in all situations.

If you have trouble controlling your temper in general, you are more at risk of road rage incidents. Talk to a doctor or a counselor about ways to manage your anger. Not only will it make you safe on the road and can help you prevent car collisions in Hollywood or your community, but it can also make your life run more smoothly.

2) Drive courteously.

Avoid breaking right-of-way rules, cutting someone off, tailgating, and other behaviors which can be construed as aggressive. Other drivers may react badly and the situation can quickly escalate.

3) Avoid escalating potentially volatile situations.

If you do find yourself confronted with someone who is aggressive on the road, do everything you can to diffuse the situation. If you have done something wrong, apologize and try to get in the way. If the other person is simply angry and hostile, get out of their way and allow them to pass. If you are being followed or someone is showing aggressive tendencies towards you, try to get away or call authorities, depending on what seems the safest course of action.

4) Understand where road rage may be a concern.

Road rage can be especially a potential risk in situations where everyone is stressed out and tired. Heavy congestion, holiday weekends, and a traffic tie ups can all lead to frustration which can spark a road rage incident. Find out about weather and traffic conditions before driving and try to avoid the heaviest congested areas. Not only will you get to your destination with less stress, but you may be able to avoid more aggressive and frustrated drivers who are stuck in traffic.

If you have been injured in a road rage incident, you may have legal options. Contact the Hollywood, Homestead, or Miami law offices of Flaxman Law Group. You can speak to a Hollywood car collision attorney about your situation and get legal advice and representation to help you get fair compensation for your injuries.