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New Studies Provide Insights and Could Help Prevent Car Crashes

New research is being published all the time that could help prevent future car accidents in Homestead and other cities. This past month, some of the more interesting findings included:

1) A study showing that driverless cars may be more reliable than even professionally trained drivers. Google released two research studies at a conference in California, showing data from the Google driverless cars already on the road. The cars have already logged hundreds of thousands of driving miles and have proven far safer than human motorists. According to the studies, the driverless cars keep a safer driving distance and brake more smoothly than even professional drivers. Many people already predict that the cars will eventually help prevent traffic accidents in Homestead and other communities but many safety experts still would like to see more independent studies of the cars.


2) A study has shown that even some driverless cars on the roads could prevent collisions and injuries. According to a new study by the Eno Center for Transportation, if only 10% of the vehicles on the roads were driverless, traffic fatalities could be reduced by 1,000 annually and we might see up to $38 billion in savings in collisions. If 90% of the vehicles on the roads were driverless, 21,700 fatalities could be prevented each year and $447 billion could be saved.

3) New research shows the dangers of drivers who are under the influence of drugs. A new study from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health concluded that drivers who are under the influence of drugs while driving have a tripled risk of a fatal car collision, when compared with their drug-free counterparts and combining alcohol and drug uses means that drivers increase their risk of a deadly crash by 23 times compared to sober drivers. Researchers reached these findings by reviewing accident data from the US government.

4) Drivers in older cars may be more likely to be in a fatal accident. A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that drivers who are in a car that is at least 18 years old are 71% more likely to die in an accident when compared with drivers who drive cars that are no older than three years. Drivers in a car that is 8 to 11 years old are 19% more likely to die in an accident when compared with drivers in a newer car. Drivers in a car that is 4 to 7 years old have a 10% higher chance of being in a fatal crash when compared with motorists in newer cars.

5) Cars with more safety features do not necessarily mean a reduced number of car accidents. According to a study conducted by Dr. Fred Mannering at Purdue University, there was no significant reduced number of car accidents on the roads between 1992 and 1997 that could be attributed to safety features such as ABS brakes. According to Dr. Mannering, drivers who have these features on their cars may not be experiencing a reduced number of accidents because they are overconfident because of the features.

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