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Preventing Car Accidents This Halloween

Halloween brings with it not only candies and parties, but also an increased risk of traffic accidents. Trick-or-treaters running along streets and between cars can inadvertently cause a pedestrian accident. Each year, child injuries in Homestead and other cities occur due to traffic accidents and other accidents on Halloween. If you are a driver, there are many things you can do to prevent these tragic collisions:

1) If you have a teen driver, review the rules of Halloween safety. If your teen is driving on their first Halloween, review safety instructions first. Make sure your teen stays extra alert on this night and looks out for young trick-or-treaters who may be too excited by the holiday to look both ways before crossing the street. Make sure your teen also does not drive distracted and calls you instead of driving after drinking. Drunk driving accidents in Homestead can be especially tragic on Halloween, since they are likely to involve young children who are out trick-or-treating.


2) Consider staying home if you can avoid driving. If you don’t have to be out driving, this is one night of the year where it is safer to stay in. Stay in and hand out candy or watch a scary movie and avoid the added traffic of heading out. If you have younger children, consider staying in your neighborhood rather than driving out further afield.

3) In residential areas, especially, slow down and expect the unexpected. Trick-or-treaters are supposed to be highly visible, are supposed to stay on the sidewalks, and are supposed to obey traffic rules (such as crossing at crosswalks only). Parents are also supposed to supervise trick-or-treaters to ensure that they do not run out into traffic. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Sometimes, trick-or-treating children will run out between cars or will wander off alone and will cross at a red light. Some will be wearing dark costumes that are hard to spot. Motorists need to be prepared for just about anything, so that they can stop in time to avoid a car accident in Homestead or their community.

4) Do not drive tired or distracted. Distracted driving in Homestead and other cities is always a problem – as is fatigued driving. These things can be especially deadly on Halloween, when there are so many young pedestrians around.

5) Keep visibility good. If you are wearing a Halloween costume, make sure that it does not impede your ability to see clearly as you drive. If you decorate your car for Halloween, make sure that there is nothing in or on your vehicle that will create added blind spots.

6) Avoid drinking at Halloween parties if you will be driving home. Drunk driving accidents in Homestead and other communities are a worry on any holiday – including Halloween. If you are planning on going to a party where alcohol will be served, bring money for a cab or have an alternative way of getting home.

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