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New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Prevent Car Accidents in 2014

At this time of year, you may be setting resolutions to make 2014 your best year yet. Some resolutions, however, can help you lead not only a better life but a safer, longer one as well. There are many goals that you can create, for example, that can help you prevent traffic collisions in Hollywood or your community. If you are setting resolutions, we hope you will consider adding the following intentions to your plans for the year:

1) Get rid of distractions before you get in the car. Each time you buckle up, take a look around your car and get rid of any distractions – turn off your cell phone, put any pets in the car in a kennel, and get rid of anything else that could take your eyes off the road or your mind off of driving. Reducing distracted driving is everyone’s responsibility and it could save many lives each year.


2) Have several ways to get to your destination if you have been drinking or are tired or unable to drive safely. Many drunk driving accidents in Hollywood and other communities, for example, can be prevented if everyone had several ways of getting home. Always have extra money in your wallet for a cab (or a bus schedule) or have a list of friends in your phone that you can call for a safe ride home. Getting home safely doesn’t just mean getting home after drinking, either. You should use these get-home-safe options if you are too sick or too fatigued to drive or are too upset or distracted to drive home safely. Fatigued driving and distracted driving in Hollywood is just as dangerous as inebriated driving.

3) Take care of your health. You may already have New Year’s resolutions to take care of your health. You may plan on losing weight, for example, or starting to exercise. Taking care of your health, however, will do more than just allow you to fit into nicer clothes. It can make you a safer driver, too. Each year, people are killed due to drivers who are unhealthy and have a medical emergency while driving. Taking good care of yourself helps keep you safer on the roads and in your everyday life.

4) Keep your car in good condition. Taking your car in for scheduled maintenance takes a little effort and time, but it also ensures that your car is safe and reacts as needed for you to avoid an accident.

5) Take a racing class. Maybe some of your resolutions have to do with living a more exciting life. Maybe you want to travel or take exciting new classes. Taking racing classes not only is great for excitement, but it can help you become a better driver, too. It’s a great present to give to yourself in the new year.

6) Volunteer with an organization dedicated to preventing car accidents. Organizations such as MADD and others are always looking for volunteers and by helping you could be helping to prevent injuries and collisions.

From everyone here at Flaxman Law Group, we wish you and your family a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2014. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you ever need legal advice in the new year or find yourself wondering whether you have a legal case, you can always reach us to arrange a free consultation.