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Six Simple Steps That Can Help You Avoid Car Accidents and Injuries

Car crashes in Homestead claim far too many lives each year. Many of traffic accidents also lead to serious injuries in Homestead; brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, amputations, and other serious injuries each year affect people’s lives for a lifetime, often due to distraction or some other preventable collision cause. While it can seem like little can be done to prevent car and truck accidents, the reality is that you can do several things to prevent crashes:

1) Carefully consider the car you drive. It’s easy to get lured in to car marketing when it comes to style, but when choosing a car think safety first. Buy the safest car you can afford and be sure to maintain it correctly, since your car is far more likely to perform correctly and to help you avoid an accident if it is kept in good condition.


2) Get into the right frame of mind and physical condition before you drive. Your drive is about a lot more than just your car. If you are upset or distracted, you are likely to make mistakes or drive aggressively, both of which can lead to a car or truck accident in Homestead. If you are tired or ill, you may simply drowse off at the wheel or may have such poor response times that you end up causing an accident. Make sure that you are in as good condition as your car before you hop in your vehicle. If you are not in physical shape to drive or are too upset carpool or use public transit to get to your destination you could end up saving a life or preventing a collision.

3) Take driving as seriously as you take your job. Many people see driving as just part of their day, but for most of us, driving is the most dangerous thing we do all day. When you drive, you are driving a piece of heavy weaponry. In the event of an accident, your car has enough force and weight to seriously injure or kill someone. Do not multi-task when you drive – take driving seriously.

4) Drive defensively. Driving defensively and considering three moves ahead as you drive not only helps you avoid distraction, but it lets you anticipate and react to dangers so that you can avoid a collision. Many driving instructors and safety experts agree that defensive driving is one of the best ways to avoid collisions.

5) Get additional training. If you have had a few near-misses when it comes to collisions or if you have a new health condition since you last had training, get additional training. A few hours with a professional driving instructor costs about as much as a nice dinner, but it could give you tips and hands-on training that could save your life. It is well worth the investment and in some cases you might even be able to save on car insurance costs if you get refresher courses.

6) Turn off cell phones and other distractions each time you get behind the wheel. Getting rid of distractions is one of the simplest ways you can avoid a collision – and one of the most effective.

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