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Newest Studies Point to the Role of Cell Phones in Car Accidents in Hollywood and Across the US

According to a new report by the National Safety Council, cell phone use causes about 26% of the car accidents across the country. In most cases, these collisions seem to be caused by drivers who are distracted because they are talking on hands-free or handheld cell phones. While there have been many “don’t text and drive” campaigns, the report claims that about 5% of cell-phone related accidents occur due to texting, while most are caused by talking on cell phones.

This study corroborates information from a study concluded by Texas A&M research institute. Both studies found that talking on cell phones can actually be more dangerous than texting, in large part because the danger is distraction, not simply taking one’s eyes off the road. Both studies also found that using talk-to-text applications or hands-free devices does not help because the issue at hand seems to be distraction, not the specific technology itself. The National Safety Council studied the effect that cellphone tasks have on a motorist’s mental workload and how the devices affect cognitive distraction.


According to the Texas A&M research institute study, traditional texting took less time than texting voice-to-text technology. During both kinds of texting, driver performance was negatively impacted to a similar extent. The National Safety Council study also concluded that the worry is less how people are using their cell phones while driving but rather the fact that they are using cell phones, which can increase reaction time on the road. According to the researchers, the increase in reaction time is similar even when drivers use hands-free technology.

So what do the studies mean for preventing cell-phone related car accidents in Florida and Homestead? In a word, they suggest that turning off devices entirely when driving is the best option. While drivers may feel that hands-free devices and technology can help them avoid car and truck accidents in Homestead or their community, the study shows that any cell phone use can be dangerous on the road. Safety experts have been saying the same thing for years: the phone call or text can wait.

Unfortunately, distracted driving in Homestead and Florida continues to be a problem and it is extremely difficult to legislate. As these studies show, a large part of the problem is that car accidents are caused by where the driver’s mind is focused and there is really no way to check to make sure that drivers are focusing on their driving correctly.

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