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Are Nursing Home Residents at Risk of Pedestrian Accidents?

Many nursing home residents who are still in good physical shape are allowed to leave the premises of their nursing home in order to take care basic activities such as shopping. Some nursing homes allow patients to walk in specific areas in order to enjoy some freedoms.


Unfortunately, when due care is not taken, pedestrian accidents can occur. These can be devastating for nursing home residents and their families. An elderly person is more likely to suffer severe or life-threatening injuries in a car accident, simply because they may have pre-existing conditions and may be more fragile due to osteoporosis or other age-related conditions.

A loved one may be at risk of pedestrian accident at a nursing home if:

  • The nursing home is located near high-traffic areas
  • There‚Äôs understaffing or poor security, allowing residents to wander away
  • There is inadequate supervision and support for residents with some mobility issues who are allowed pedestrian freedoms

Nursing homes, especially those near high-traffic areas, need to ensure that residents with dementia and other conditions which may make them vulnerable to pedestrian accidents are supervised correctly at all times. Proper security measures such as alarms at the doors can be useful in ensuring that a vulnerable adult doesn’t wander off and get injured by a passing car. For residents who are allowed to walk to nearby stores or areas may need additional support to ensure that they get to their destination and back safely.

Even residents who are in good physical shape may need extra support if an area is especially busy. If a nursing home is aware that a nearby traffic area has a high rate of accidents due to speeding, poor design or other issues, it is imperative they take steps to protect residents.

Often, it is a careful balance between offering an elderly person dignity and freedoms and ensuring they have the proper support to perform everyday tasks safely. When staff are undertrained or reckless in ensuring that this delicate balance is adhered to, devastating injuries can occur. Pedestrian accidents can lead to broken hips, fractures, trauma, amputations and even fatalities.

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