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Pedestrian Collisions A Focus Again Amid Back to School Season

Now that kids are heading back to school, it’s time to think up strategies for keeping them safe from pedestrian accidents in Homestead or your community. While walking to school is a great way to encourage exercise and time outside, kids who want to walk to school oftem have to contend with morning and evening traffic. To prevent them from being injured, you will want to:

1) Encourage your child to walk home (and to school) with a friend.

If your child is too old to be walked to school by a parent, encourage them to walk to school with older kids or with friends. Children are easier to spot when they are in a group, so motorists may be more aware of groups of children rather than a lone child walking along. An older friend can also help teach a younger child about pedestrian safety.

2) Walk and plan the route together.

If your child is old enough to walk to school alone or with friends, walk the route with them in the morning and afternoon so that they can see how to get to school safely. Along the way, you may want to review basic pedestrian safety rules. A few “trial runs” also lets you see how well your child handles walking through intersections. If your child is not careful when with you, you may want to find another option for getting them to school safely.


3) Make sure you are a safe driver.

Every driver on the road in Homestead and Florida has an obligation to look out for pedestrians – including children who are headed to and from school. When driving to and from work, make sure to keep an eye out for any students heading to classes.

4) Be aware that many car accidents and pedestrian accidents happen near schools.

Just because you drop your child off at school, that does not mean that they are safe from pedestrian accidents. When dropping your child off, make sure that they have made their way safely to the pedestrian-only zone before leaving. Make sure that your drop your child off at a drop-off zone or safe area so that your child does not have to dodge other cars to get to class.

5) Give your child the tools they need to be safe.

Teaching pedestrian skills early is an excellent way to make sure that children know how to cross streets safely. A visit to the Florida Children’s Safety Village can help teach children about safety in a very hands-on way. The National Center for Safe Routes to School also has videos and other resources that can help kids learn pedestrian safety in a very fun and easy-to-remember way. Keeping information fun and accessible is important in getting children to actually remember it, so online resources are often a great option for parents.

If your child has been injured due to a negligent driver, the law firm of Flaxman Law Group would be pleased to offer your family a free case consultation. We can help you understand how Florida law protects you and your family, so that you can make the right decisions for your child.