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Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Hollywood and Florida

Pedestrian accidents are an umbrella term for any collision in which a pedestrian is struck by a larger vehicle – such as a truck or car. In reality, however, there are many types of pedestrian accidents, each with their own unique risks and legal issues:

1) Hit-and-run accidents.

Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents in Hollywood and other Florida communities are all too common. Often, they are caused by panicking drivers who are on the road illegally or who do not have insurance. For pedestrians, these types of accidents can be deadly. A pedestrian may not get medical help in time if the driver leaves the scene of an accident. Without a driver, the pedestrian may also have a hard time securing compensation and insurance money for their injuries.

2) Intersection accidents.

Intersections in Hollywood and other cities are dangerous because pedestrians must share the road with many other types of vehicles, and many of those vehicles are turning or driving in different directions. All it takes is for one driver to be distracted or to miss a pedestrian in their blind spot, and an accident can occur. Intersection collisions also often involve speed, so that that brain injuries, amputation, fatalities, and other devastating losses are quite common in these types of high-speed crashes


3) Back-over accidents.

Sometimes, a car will back right over a pedestrian when a driver is reversing. Devastatingly, these types of collisions often involve children who are playing in a driveway or right behind a car, where the driver cannot see them. These types of collisions can also occur in parking lots and other areas where cars are parked.

4) Crushing accidents.

When pedestrians are trapped between two larger vehicles, they can suffer devastating and life-threatening injury, including spinal cord injury, paralysis, and other serious injury. These types of accidents can occur in intersections and in other situations where a pedestrian gets caught in the middle of a rear-end collisions, side swipe accident, or head-on crash.

Who is Liable?

No matter what type of pedestrian collision has caused your injuries, you will need to determine who is liable in order to decide whether you have a claim. The best way to tell whether a motorist is liable in your collision and the best way to tell whether you have a claim is to contact a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney with experience has handled hundreds or thousands of traffic collision and personal injury cases. They can tell whether you have a claim and can help you understand the strength and potential value of your claim. In the event of an injury, a personal injury attorney can also launch a an investigation with engineers, private investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals to determine exactly what chain of events led to your injuries. This can help determine whether a driver was liable and can help build a strong case on your behalf.

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