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Personal Injury Cases Drop in South Florida

According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, car-related personal injury claims have declined across parts of Florida over the past four years, but South Florida has seen the largest declines in the number of claims. In the first three months of 2020, personal injury claims amounted to 3.5 per 100 vehicles but declined to 2.5 per 100 vehicles for the first few months of 2014.


Part of the reason may be due to efforts to curb car insurance fraud. However, part of it may also have to do with reduced payments for plaintiffs. According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, the average amount paid per bill for medical costs declined by 14 percent in Florida between 2011 and 2014. In South Florida, that amount declined 28.7 percent.

What could this news mean for you if you have been injured? It does not mean that you shouldn’t or can’t seek legal redress for injuries that were not your fault. If you have been seriously injured in car accident, slip and fall injury in Hollywood, or any accident, contact a personal injury attorney right away. Legitimate claims are still resulting in fair compensation for injured drivers and plaintiffs. However, you will want to:

1) Seek the help of an attorney immediately.

Responding quickly to a serious injury and filing promptly is more important than ever before. Delaying filing a claim can mean that important evidence is lost. Unfortunately, in these cases a plaintiff’s legitimate injuries may also be questioned. It is best to get legal advice immediately following your injury and to get the process started as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney can tell you whether you have a claim and can represent you with your insurance company to fight for the fairest benefits for you. You can even contact an attorney from your hospital room after your injury, so do not delay this call.

2) Gather documentation if you can.

It has become more important than ever to gather documentation of any injury. This may mean photos of your injuries, receipts for any expenses you have had to pay because of your injury, and any other evidence you can gather. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything that could have anything to do with your case – just in case it proves important.

3) Choose your attorney carefully.

While injured plaintiffs are still getting fair compensation for their injuries, having a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney is very important. A local, experienced attorney who understands the current laws can help you protect your rights under the current legislation and can advocate for you so that you have the best chance possible of getting fair compensation.

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