Driving Safely in Florida Fog

Motorists in Homestead and Florida have to deal with many types of weather, including sun, extreme wind, tropical rains, and more. One type of weather that can especially wreak havoc with driving is fog. When driving in fog, you will want to:

1) Stay as visible as possible.

Use blinkers and tail-lights as well as your low-beam headlights so that other drivers can see you. One of the biggest risks with fog is that it cuts reaction time dramatically. Other vehicles may not see you in time to avoid a rear-end crash or broadside collision. Staying visible is crucial in preventing these types of crashes.


2) Slow down.

Since reaction time and visibility are reduced, you will have less time to respond if you notice a car suddenly appear in the fog in front of you. Slow down so that you have plenty of time to maneuver and avoid risky moves such as crossing traffic, changing lanes, and aggressive passing.

3) Improve your visibility.

Never use high-beam headlights in fog. They may seem to give you more light and therefore more visibility, but in fact high-beams make it harder for you to see because they reflect off the fog. In fog, use low-beams, tail-lights, and blinkers only. Use fog lights if your car has them.

4) Give yourself more room.

Leave extra room ahead of you so that you have time to stop if you need to. Drive closer to the curb rather than close to another lane, since other drivers may swerve into your lane slightly if the fog is thick and they cannot see road markings.

5) Reduce the other factors that can contribute to a car collision.

Foggy weather is no time for distracted driving, fatigued driving, or anything other than your best, most focused driving. Roll down your window so that you can hear and turn off your radio as well as any other distractions.

6) Reduce condensation inside.

Turn on your car heater or roll down the windows. Fog can create condensation inside your car, which can further affect your visibility. Keep your windows and windscreen clean so that you can see as clearly as possible.

7) Pull over if you need to.

Sometimes, fog can get so thick that you may simply have no visibility. Driving in these conditions is nerve-wracking and dangerous. If you cannot see well enough to drive, pull over to the side of the road. Use your emergency flashers so that other cars can see you and keep your low-beams on. Wait until you can see more clearly before getting on the road again.

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