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How Public Transit Can Reduce Car Accident Rates

Could public transportation help reduce car accidents in Hollywood and other communities? Many city planners and safety experts think so. While public transit accidents in Hollywood and other communities can still occur, they are far less common than car accidents. In addition, studies have found that better transit systems in cities can reduce the risks of traffic accidents overall.

Public transit may reduce car accident rates by:

1) Offering an alternative to drunk driving.

When trying to reduce drunk driving accidents in Florida and other parts of the country, it is important to give drivers an alternative to getting behind the wheel after drinking. When motorists can easily hop on an affordable bus or train after drinking, it may be easier to make the right decision. If drivers have no access to transportation and need to wait for a friend or need to pay a lot for a taxi, they may be more tempted to simply drive themselves home.


2) Reducing fatigued driving.

Mass transit can reduce some of the stress of the daily commute and can allow drivers to take a break. Letting a bus or train do the work can mean that workers can rest before getting to work rather than trying to stay awake during their commute. Public transit offers an option for drivers who are not in any physical shape to drive.

3) Reducing distraction.

Busy drivers are distracted drivers, and busy workers can catch up on work or reading while taking the bus or train. This means that they can get things done without having to worry that multitasking will lead to a car collision.

4) Reducing traffic congestion.

When more people use mass transit, it reduces some of the congestion on city streets, which can reduce the risk of rear-end collisions in Hollywood as well as other types of congestion-related crashes. Having fewer cars on the roads is better for the environment and better for all drivers who use the roads.

Public transit means more options so that drivers can make better choices. There are some barriers to public transit, however. Many drivers do not enjoy taking buses or trains and in many cases these types of transport take longer or are less convenient than driving. Many people associate driving with freedom and do not want to consider other options.

A number of communities in Florida also don’t have extensive mass transit systems that travel everywhere, which reduces the options available. Many communities were built largely for car traffic, which means that they are not necessarily created for bus transit and even pedestrian traffic .

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