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Power Window Accidents in Cars Can Harm Children in Hollywood and Florida

Power windows are a convenient feature of many cars, but they exert enough force to seriously injure or even kill a child. While many parents are aware of the importance of car seats or the dangers of car accidents in Hollywood and their communities, they may not consider that something as simple as a window can kill.


Windows can move up quickly and with enough force to crush small hands and arms. There have also been some fatal incidents involving children placing their head through the window and sustaining fatal injuries when a power window was activated. Since power windows are easy to operate, a small child may be able to make the window move easily. Children may have an interest in watching the windows move, which can mean they end up trapped.

There are many ways to keep your children safe from power windows:

  • Test your windows to see whether they have autoreverse sensors. This is simple to do. Open the windows and insert a paper towel roll into the gap, then try to close your power windows. If you have autoreverse sensors, the window pane will approach the paper towel and then retract. Many newer models have this feature, which can help prevent children from getting caught in the window.
  • Check your car owner’s manual. In some cases, you may be able to divert control of power windows in the rear windows to the controls in the front. Since your children are more likely to sit in the rear seat, this can be a simple solution to prevent them from playing with the windows while you drive.
  • When shopping for a car, look for cars with safety features. Look for power windows with autoreverse sensors and cars with level style switches which have to be pulled up. Lever style switches have been associated with fewer child injuries because it’s harder to activate these levers by accident.
  • Never leave children unattended in the car or around a car with the keys inside the vehicle. Not only will it prevent injuries caused by power windows, but it can also keep children safer from many other injuries which can be caused around cars, including trunk entrapment.
  • Get into the habit of checking before using power windows. Check to make sure the window is clear before pushing the lever—while some injuries are caused by children playing with power windows, some are caused by adults accidentally closing a power window on someone.
  • Teach your children about car safety and power window safety. From an early age, share the message that cars can cause injuries and teach children a healthy respect for vehicles. Repeat the message often to help children absorb the information.

If your child has been injured by faulty windows or by poorly designed systems in cars, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to arrange a free consultation with a Hollywood car accident attorney. Our law firm is dedicated to helping people across South Florida who have been injured.