Preventing Road Rage on Fort Lauderdale Streets

Road rage happens when drivers lose control of their emotions and either attack other drivers or start driving dangerously. Road rage can lead to serious accidents or even intentional assaults and while we can’t control what other motorists do, there are several ways we can prevent road rage:


  • Don’t drive fatigued. Road rage can happen to anyone, and it’s more likely to happen if we’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, unwell, or already emotional. Fatigued driving in in Fort Lauderdale already increases your risk of crashes. It can make you more susceptible to irritability and anger, too. Focus on getting good rest and if you notice you’re tired even after full nights of sleep, talk to your doctor about any underlying health conditions which could be causing fatigue.
  • Check your emotions before getting in the car. If you’re already angry or upset when you start to drive, any bad behavior on the roads is more likely to upset you. Being emotional can also mean driving distracted. Take a short walk, take some deep breaths, and get yourself relaxed before driving.
  • Take deep breaths and focus on staying calm. If you notice you’re getting upset while driving, focus on staying calm. Consciously relax your muscles and take deep breaths.
  • Choose routes carefully. Plan your drive before you go so you can avoid traffic and congestion if you can. A pleasant drive with fewer stressors can reduce your risk of road rage.
  • Do no engage with bad drivers. If you see other drivers behaving badly, avoid cursing, shouting, gesturing, or otherwise getting involved. It’s likely to lead to an escalation and even if you’re just cursing to yourself, you are heightening any anger you feel.
  • Drive sober. Alcohol can lower inhibitions, which can make engaging with other drivers more likely. Drinking can also make it harder to keep a rein on your emotions.

What To Do If You Notice an Unsafe Driver

If an angry driver tries to engage with you, follow these steps to avoid a car collision:

  • Stay calm. Having one person remain calm can help de-escalate the situation.
  • Do not engage. Avoid speaking to the driver, gesturing, or making eye contact, even if the other driver is working to provoke a reaction.
  • Create distance. Try to get away if you can.
  • Stay in your car. Do not leave your car and lock your windows and doors. If the perpetrator tries to approach your car on foot, try to drive away.
  • Call for help if you can. If possible, get to a safe place and report the incident to police so they can stop the motorist before he or she harms anyone. If a weapon is involved or if you are being directly threatened with harm, honk the horn to get help from others, try to get away, and call 911 for help.
  • Drive to a police station if you are being followed. It’s not unusual in a road rage incident for an aggressive driver to follow a victim. If this happens to you, call 911 or drive to a police station, taking well-lit and well-traveled roads. Avoid going home or anywhere where the driver may find you later and avoid any dark or remote roads.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured by an Angry Driver

If you have been in a car collision caused by a road rage incident, you should not have to pay for the violent actions of someone else. If you have suffered a head injury, back injury, soft tissue injury, lacerations, fractures, or another injury, you may have a right to seek financial recovery.

To find out whether you may have a claim and how much that claim may be worth, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a no obligation, no cost consultation. Our legal team has more than 60 years of combined experience and our focus is on helping those who have been injured.

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