How Road Design in Hollywood Could Have Caused Your Collision

Many traffic accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are caused by driver distraction, driving under the influence, human error, and other decisions made on the part of drivers. However, some collisions can be caused by factors outside a motorist’s control. For example, cities and towns have an obligation to work with experienced professionals to design and create safe roadways. When they fail to do this, serious collisions can result.


Common Road Design Issues in Hollywood

In Hollwyood and South Florida, common road design issues that can lead to crashes include:

  • Inadequate medians. Medians keep traffic going in different directions separate, and when these medians are too low or not adequately placed, they can cause head-on collisions by allowing traffic to go into oncoming lanes. Medians without reflectors can also lead to single-vehicle crashes if motorists are unable to see the obstacles in the dark.
  • Poor signage. Signs which do not adequately warn drivers of existing dangers are a problem. Sometimes, old or worn signs are not replaced in time, which can also lead to crashes.
  • Blind spots. Near intersections, crosswalks, and other higher-risk areas, it is important for drivers to have excellent visibility. If areas are designed with significant blind spots, such as large trees, which don’t allow motorists to see oncoming hazards, tragedy can result.
  • Incorrect speed limits. Speed limits are not arbitrary. Rather, cities are expected to conduct tests to determine the right speeds for specific areas. Both too-high and too-low speeds can cause dangerous accidents, and when cities refuse to raise or lower speed limits in specific road sections as needed, they can be held liable if their negligence causes unsafe conditions that lead to injuries.
  • Poorly maintained or repaired roads. Potholes and crumbling pavement can be deadly for motorists, since they can cause riders to lose control of their bike. Poorly maintained roads and incorrect gradients can also cause water to pool, which can lead to hydroplaning.
  • Unsafe shoulders. Poorly designed shoulders can easily cause rollover accidents if your wheel goes even just slightly off the road.
  • Poor lighting. Poorly-lit streets can mean bad visibility, putting drivers at risk of pedestrian accidents, collisions with wildlife, and other dangers. AT intersections, proper lights give every car the right amount of time to turn or drive forward. Malfunctioning or badly set lights at intersections can cause serious and even multiple car accidents.
  • Short on and off ramps. When ramps are not designed with enough room, drivers may not be able to merge safely.

Who Is Responsible for Road Design?

Typically, the city or town where a road is located is responsible for the road, though DOT is responsible for highways between cities. In cases where a lawsuit is filed, your attorney may also want to look at the contractor who completed the work for the city or for DOT.

Typically, suing a city or a contractor working for a city is very challenging, since governments and government agencies enjoy good protections against liability. However, an experienced attorney can review your case and can find all liable parties. He or she can also build a plan for pursuing fair financial recovery for you.

Do I Have a Claim?

If you have been injured in a car accident in Hollywood and believe road design may have played a part, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a no obligation, free accident consultation with a Hollywood car accident injury claims attorney. Our team can review the specifics of your case and explain whether you may have a claim – and even how much that claim may be worth.

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