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Preventing Florida Car Accidents May Involve More Than Raising Awareness About Distracted Driving

A new survey conducted by Leger Marketing has found that while most drivers agree that distracted driving is dangerous, about 75% of drivers polled say that they allow for such distractions while driving rather than actively striving to eliminate such distractions from the car. The survey results seem to suggest that in order to reduce Florida car accidents caused by distracted driving, it’s not enough to simply let drivers know about the dangers of distracted driving: more has to be done to compel drivers to nix distractions before they get behind the wheel.

The survey further revealed that drivers have skewed notions about which distractions are most dangerous behind the wheel. About 88% of drivers polled agreed that texting on a cellphone was dangerous, but only 19% thought that adjusting an iPod or radio while driving was a problem. Another 83% of respondents said that talking on a cellphone while driving was wrong. This is despite the fact that most experts agree that any distractions to the driver can increase the risk of an accident.

According to the survey results, many drivers continue to engage in behaviors they know are dangerous and distracting. For example, 60% of drivers admitted they adjust their car’s stereo while driving while 8% admitted to texting or emailing behind the wheel. Another 15% of drivers admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving, even though most respondents agreed that the behavior was risky.

According to Allstate, 80% of car accidents can be attributed to distracted drivers. While the survey results from the Leger Marketing study suggest that more drivers are getting the message about distracted driving, it is also clear that drivers are not getting the full message. Drivers are still confused about distracted driving caused by behaviors not linked to mobile devices. As well, even though drivers know the dangers of distracted driving, many drivers continue to engage in risky behaviors. To prevent more Florida pedestrian accidents and car accidents, increased awareness and wide-spread changes to driver behavior need to be made.

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