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Protecting Yourself From a Florida Car Accident – Before You Get in the Car

While Florida pedestrian accidents and car accidents can occur at any time, there are many things you can do to help reduce your risk of being in an accident – before you even get in the car:

1) Protect yourself with excellent insurance. Good insurance can help protect you if you are in a collision and ensures that you as well as the other driver are covered for medical bills and related expenses in the event of an accident. Buy the best quality of car insurance you can afford to ensure that you don’t have to pay multiple costs out of pocket.

2) Turn off your cell phone or mobile device. Distracted driving has been proven to increase your risk of being in an accident. Just listening to your mobile device ringing can distract you – and can tempt you to pick up the phone or to sneak a peek at that text message. Put away your device and make sure it is off before you drive off, so that you can put all your focus where it belongs: on the road.

3) Make sure you are ready before you get in the car. Before you get in the car, make sure you are ready to drive safely. Make sure that you have not consumed anything which may affect your ability to drive. Prevent a Florida drunk driving accident by avoiding drinking before you drive, but also take a close look at your medication and any over-the-counter medication you are taking. Make sure it is safe to drive with the medications you are taking. Also, avoid driving when you are sleepy or very emotional.

4) Make sure that your car is ready to avoid accident. Keep your car in good repair and make sure that you walk around your car before you get in. Any tire problems or mechanical problems you have can affect your ability to control your vehicle and prevent an accident. Check with the manufacturer about any known problems with your vehicle. This is especially important if you have an older car – check to make sure that previous owners have had any known problems or recalls addressed.

5) Know your route. Knowing where you are going and having a clear idea of your route ensures that you can focus on driving – not on finding house numbers or street names. Use GPS or online mapping before you leave the house. Keep a copy of the map with you when you drive, but be prepared to pull over to read directions or have a passenger direct you as you drive. Trying to figure out your route as you drive is very distracting.

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