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Preventing Florida Pedestrian Accidents This Summer

Florida has the unfortunate distinction of being first in the country for pedestrian accidents. Florida pedestrian accidents are especially prevalent in four areas of the state: the Orlando-Kissimmee are, the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach communities, and Jacksonville. Summer is an especially dangerous time for Florida car accidents involving pedestrians, as there are often more drivers and more pedestrians on the roads, taking part in summer activities.

This year, we can all work together to prevent Florida pedestrian accidents:

1) If you are a pedestrian, cross at designated crosswalks and obey all traffic signals. If there is not crosswalks where you will be crossing, cross at a corner and pay special attention to traffic. Avoid restricted areas where drivers do not expect to see pedestrians – such as freeways.

2) If you are a driver, pay attention to pedestrians as well as other traffic. If you are driving in an area with no sidewalks, be aware that pedestrians will be sharing the road with you. If you are driving in an area with many parks or walking trails, stay alert for pedestrians.

3) Stay visible. This applies especially to pedestrians, who should wear light or reflective clothing, especially when outside at dark. Cars should always use headlights after dark or on overcast days. If one of your lights is not working correctly, fix it immediately. Being seen by other drivers and by pedestrians is an important way to prevent accidents.

4) Stay alert. Distracted driving and distracted pedestrians are both a danger on the road. Distracted drivers are unlikely to see a pedestrian in time to avoid a collision. Pedestrians who are listening to music, talking on a cell phone, or texting may also not be aware enough of traffic to obey the laws and walk safely.

5) Never allow your young children to play near roadways. Pedestrian accidents involving children are very common – and especially tragic. Children are more likely to sustain fatal brain injuries in a pedestrian accident, due to their smaller size. Keep your children supervised at all times.

6) Never drive or walk drunk or under the influence of drugs. Every driver is aware of the risk of Florida drunk driving accidents, but pedestrians who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to be in a pedestrian accident as well. If you are under the influence, do not walk or drive home. Have a friend help you home or take a taxi.

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