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Preventing Pompano Beach Drunk Driving Accidents This Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving and the holiday season are a time when Florida and Pompano Beach drunk driving accidents may be on the rise. There are more holiday parties at this time of year serving alcohol, which can lead motorists to make poor decisions after drinking. Luckily, these types of Pompano Beach car accidents are completely preventable and you can do your part to help prevent these types of tragedies with just a few simple steps:

1) Plan ahead – even if you don’t plan to drink. Many drivers plan ahead if they plan on drinking, but even if you do not plan on drinking you may find that you end up being served alcohol or end up drinking anyway without planning to. Any time you head to a party or holiday event, you should have a backup plan for getting home safely if you do consume alcohol. This way, being unprepared is no excuse for driving drunk.

2) Have extra money on hand. A simple way to prevent DUI Pompano Beach car accidents is simply to have extra money on hand to pay for a hotel room or taxicab home if you have been drinking. You do not want to have to make a bad decision simply because you do not have money on hand to get home safely.

3) Keep the names of hotels and taxi companies in your wallet or glove compartment. Knowing exactly who you can call and where you can call in order to sober up or get home safe makes it easier for you to make the right decision if you do drink.

4) Have more than one plan for getting home safely. Having just one get home safe plan can be risky. For example, if you designate a driver but the driver ends up drinking or ends up leaving early, you could be stranded – unless you have a backup plan to get home safe. In addition to designating a driver, therefore, you may want to have other options on hand. Have money for a taxicab, have a list of friends you can call for a safe ride home, or have other options on hand so that you have lots of ways of getting home safely.

5) Don’t plan on walking home alone if you have been drinking. While it can seem like a better option than driving drunk, walking home inebriated can lead to a Pompano Beach pedestrian accident. Pedestrians who are intoxicated are more likely to become confused and may wander into traffic or get hit by a car. Inebriated pedestrians are also more likely to be involved in a Pompano Beach trip and fall accident or are more likely to injure themselves or become the victim of a crime because they are not alert enough to walk home safely. If you must walk home, walk home with friends or get a taxicab instead.

6) Consider making a difference by donating to a local group raising awareness about drunk driving. Raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and supporting groups that strive to reduce drunk driving helps keep everyone safer.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver this holiday season, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case evaluation. It is normal to feel frightened, alone, and angry if you’ve been injured by someone who has chosen to drink and drive. However, Florida laws do allow you to pursue a legal claim in order to recover money for your medical costs, property damage, lost income, and other costs related to your injuries. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to find out more.