The Real Dangers of Driving in South Florida

Whether you drive in Hollywood, Miami, or another South Florida city, you face certain hazards that motorists in other parts of the country simply don’t have to contend with. Recognizing and dealing with these specific dangers can help you avoid collisions in your community:

1) Tourists.

Due to Florida’s mild winters, many tourists start arriving in the state at this time of year. Unfortunately, tourists may be distracted by the many sights of South Florida and may be intent on finding their way through unfamiliar streets, which could make the situation even worse. When driving in areas that attract a lot of tourists, be sure to keep a look out for pedestrians and move with the flow of traffic. Be prepared to make sudden stops.


2) Streets designed for cars.

Florida real estate boomed in the first half of the 1900s, especially in Hollywood and other Southern parts of the state. Unfortunately, many areas of the state were developed largely for car traffic. While this means that motorists do not have to contend with the narrow streets seen in older parts of the country, the design can mean that pedestrians and bicyclists face added danger because streets are simply not designed for them. The reality is that pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Hollywood and the rest of South Florida are all too common. While design changes are being made, progress is slow. If you walk or ride a bicycle, consider staying in green spaces or on dedicated trails where there is no car traffic. If this is not an option, be sure that you stay alert and visible to avoid collisions.

3) Elderly drivers.

In the next two decades, the number of drivers over the age of 70 expected to triple. Florida, especially, has a greying population. While many elderly drivers are safe drivers, however, certain age-related conditions can affect driving ability. If you have elderly family members, help them take care of their health and make responsible decisions about driving ability.

4) New drivers.

Teen drivers and new drivers are still gaining the experience and skills they need behind the wheel, and this can mean that they are more at risk of collisions when compared with more seasoned motorists. If you have a teen driver, you can help your child by getting them additional driver training and by limiting dangerous activity – such as driving at night or driving with passengers – until your child has gained some more experience behind the wheel.

5) Underinsured or uninsured drivers.

Unfortunately, Florida leads the country when it comes to car insurance fraud and the state also has many underinsured and uninsured drivers. If you drive in South Florida, it is a good idea to keep this in mind when choosing your policy; you will want good underinsured driver coverage on your own policy to protect you.

6) The weather.

While Florida weather often involves beautiful sunny days, it also can include extreme weather and even hurricanes in the spring and summer. South Florida also experiences heavy rains. In fact, Palm Beach County sees precipitation amounts of 61.7 inches each year.

7) Fast population growth.

Between 2010 and 2011, the population of Palm Beach County alone increased by about 15,000 residents. There is no doubt that South Florida is booming, and while that is great news for the economy that can mean bad news for drivers. A larger population can mean traffic congestion and a higher risk of crashes. It also means more construction, which can also be a risk.

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