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Seatbelts Can Cause Injuries in North Miami Beach Car Accidents

Subaru is recalling 275,000 Foresters, due to a problem with the SUVs locking retractors for the seatbelt systems. According to Subaru, the recall affects Foresters with model years between 2009 and 2012. The problem seems to be that the automatic locking retractor installed in the rear seats of some models may not allow for child safety seats and may not adhere to locking requirements. So far, Subaru has not noted whether any injuries have been caused by the problem.

It is expected that the recall should be launched by the middle of April. Subaru will be replacing the seat belt assembly for the rear center seat belt on all affected models with a new automatic locking retractor gear and with new seat belts that have shorter lengths. Customers and dealers will be notified of the recall and will be given instructions at that point for replacing the system. Due to the number of vehicles involved, the recall will occur in stages. Some owners may need to wait until 2013 to have the problem fixed.

The recall highlights the importance of seat belt safety in preventing North Miami Beach car accidents. Seatbelts are one of the most important safety features in any car – even given the new safety features available on newer models of cars – because seatbelts and safety belts help keep passengers and drivers safely in the car during a North Miami Beach traffic accident. Without a seatbelt, passengers and drivers are likely to be thrown about the vehicle or even ejected from the vehicle, which often leads to serious North Miami Beach brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and fatal or permanent injuries. Most experts agree that wearing a safety belt is one of the easiest, simplest, and most effective ways to prevent serious injuries in a car accident.

However, despite the importance of seatbelts, they are not without their drawbacks. Safety defects – such as potentially the one affecting Subaru – can mean that safety belts do not work as expected in an accident. In this situation, it is possible for passengers and drivers to sustain serious or permanent injuries. When this happens, however, Florida law does protect victims. Victims who have been injured due to a safety belt defect can often seek legal action against car manufacturers who knew about the defect but failed to act in time.

Seatbelts may have other issues, even if they are not defective. For example, seatbelts are only meant to work for adults. Children can be seriously injured by a seatbelt, as it can cut into the neck, shoulder, and abdomen area of a child. For this reason, it is important to always let children sit in the backseat and to always use age-appropriate child safety restraints instead of seatbelts when children are passengers in a car. Adults who are below average height may also wish to consider how seatbelts fit them. In some cases, adults below average height can also have problems during a car accident if the seatbelt cuts into their chest, back, or facial area, causing injuries. It is important for adults to carefully adjust their seat and seat belt so that it fits correctly.

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