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Teens, Passengers, and Miami Lakes Car Accidents

Experts agree that too many passengers in a car with a new teen driver can increase the risk of a Miami Lakes traffic accident. Passengers are a distraction for any driver, and this level of distraction can be especially dangerous for a less experienced, new driver, leading to a Miami Lakes motorcycle accident or other traffic accident. Teen passengers can also encourage a new driver to take risks, so experts point to peer pressure and risk taking as other dangers of passengers.

One Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia study of 198 teen drivers shows that teens who have characteristics that already increase their risk of car accidents are the ones who are more likely to have multiple passengers as well. Teens who were shown to be most likely to invite friends into their cars as passengers were also the teen drivers who described themselves as thrill-seekers and who claimed that their parents did not keep track of their actions. Researchers found that teens in this group also had a poorer grasp of driving dangers.

A second study conducted by State Farm Insurance had researchers looking at 677 teen drivers who were involved in serious accidents. Researchers found that teen drivers who had other teens as passengers were more likely to have been distracted just before an accident when compared with teens who did not have any passengers. According to the study, teen male drivers who drove with teen passengers were nearly six times more likely to try an illegal driving move than drivers in the same age group who did not have passengers. Teen male drivers who drove with teen passengers were also found to be twice as likely to have been driving aggressively before an accident, when compared with solo drivers. Researchers found that teen female drivers, however, are less likely to drive aggressively, even when they have passengers.

Studies such as these clearly indicate that passengers are a serious distraction for teen drivers. At the same time, however, many teen drivers feel peer pressure in order to take on multiple passengers. When a teen gets his or her license, they generally have friends who do not yet have a license and who may rely on them for transportation. Teens may also be proud of their driver’s license and want to share in the excitement with their friends, who are often eager to be passengers.

Unfortunately, multiple passengers can create noise, conversation, and other distractions. In some cases, passengers may encourage drivers to take unnecessary risks or even to drive recklessly. It is up to parents to set ground rules for driving with passengers. If you have a teen driver in your home and wish to prevent Miami Lakes car accidents, you may wish to sit down and have a conversation about passengers and to set some ground rules for how many passengers are allowed in a car at one point. It may be important to discuss alternatives and options available in the event that your teen needs to go somewhere and friends ask for a ride.

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