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Showing Teens the Dangers of Drinking and Driving in Homestead and Other Communities

While all car accidents in Homestead and Florida are tragic, there is something especially galling about drunk driving accidents. It is maybe because these accidents are so preventable. Even though everyone is aware of the risks of drinking and driving, some drivers still make the poor choice to drink and drive. Their thoughtlessness and recklessness leads to many serious drunk driving accidents in Homestead and other communities.


Parents who have young drivers want to help their teens make the right decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. Here’s how families can help:

1) Give your teens another choice. Teens who have been drinking often are worried about their parents’ reaction. In these situations, teens may choose to drive rather than calling parents for a ride. It is important for parents to tell their children that they can always call for a safe ride home – no questions asked. If teens take advantage of this offer, it is important for parents to honor the promise by not punishing the teen for drinking. Another option is to have a family friend as an emergency contact for your teen driver. Your teen may be more comfortable calling a friend or family member for help if they have been drinking. Having multiple options is also a good idea, since you may be unavailable when your teen does call.

2) Don’t shy away from showing the risks of drunk driving. There are many good online resources that very dramatically and graphically show the effects of drinking and driving. Many teens do not have any experience with car or truck accidents in Homestead or their community and many shows and movies glamorize the reality. Show teens the effects of these types of accidents.

3) Get specific. Many teens have heard untrue rumors about drinking and driving. They may believe that drinking a coffee can get rid of the effects of alcohol or that one drink will not impair their judgment. It is important that teens know that Florida has a zero-tolerance limit for young drivers. Teen drivers are not allowed to have any alcohol in their system, so even one drink is enough for teens to be over the legal limit.

4) Get your teen’s peer group on board. Often, teens will listen to an older family friend or to college students before they will listen to their parents. Talk to your local college or MADD chapter – they may have speakers who are willing to come to your child’s school to speak about the dangers of drunk driving.

5) Get your teen involved in the no drinking and driving message. It is one thing when your teens hear the “don’t drink and drive” message. It is completely different when they become advocates for spreading the word. If your teen volunteers with MADD or another group dedicated to preventing drinking and driving, the message is more likely to really seep in.

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