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Will Your Teen be Driving to School in Hollywood This Year? How to Make the Morning and Afternoon Commute Safe

If this is the first year your teen will be driving to school, it is only natural to be worried about car accidents in Hollywood or your community. After all, research has shown that morning and evening commutes are higher-risk times for car and truck accidents in Hollywood and other Florida cities, simply because more people are on the roads. There are several things you can do to help your child get to school safely:


1) Make sure your teen has a safe car. A reliable car will respond correctly if your teen has to move quickly to avoid a crash. As a back-to-school gift, you may want to offer your teen driver a tune-up of their car. In addition, make sure that your teen has an accident kit in the car. This kit should consist of a disposable camera, blankets, a first aid kit, a notebook and pen, insurance company contact information, and a flashlight, at minimum.

2) Set some ground rules about distracted driving and passengers. Studies have shown that teens are more likely to be in a collision if they have multiple peers in their car. In fact, the risk of a crash increases with every teen passenger in the car. Quite simply, these passengers pose a distraction and can lead to an accident. On the other hand, the same studies have shown that having an adult in the car can cause teen drivers to take fewer risks and drive more safely. If you want to prevent your teen from being in a traffic accident in Hollywood or your community, limit the number of teen passengers in the car and ensure your teen does not use their cell phone or mobile devices while driving.

3) Ensure your teen has a safe route and a good parking spot. Review routes to school and consider taking the route yourself to and from school during rush hour to determine what your teen’s commute will be like. Make sure that your teen has a safe parking spot once they are at school – one that lets them get to school along a safe pedestrian route.

4) Get your teen some extra lessons during rush hour. One-on-one lessons from a professional driving instructor can help a lot. Get the instructor to drive with your teen to and from school during the times your teen will be driving. This can help the instructor review the skills your teen will need on their specific route.

5) Supervise at first. If your teen has not driven to and from school before, ask about their experiences the first few days of school. If the route and experience seem overwhelming, consider suggesting an alternative way to get to and from school.

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