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Your Sober Driving Plan for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is coming up, and for many people that means end-of-year barbecues and parties. For police authorities in Hollywood and other Florida communities, however, it means extra vigilance. Unfortunately, DUI accidents in Hollywood and across Florida are quite common during the Labor Day weekend, and these preventable accidents claim far too many lives. To protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday, you will want to stake steps to prevent drunk driving. To do that, you will want to:

1) Have a plan, even if you don’t intend to drink.

Sometimes, people make bad decisions about drinking and driving because they don’t plan to drink. Even if you have every intention of not drinking, though, you may end up accepting a beer or may realize too late that the punch you have been drinking was actually a sangria with plenty of wine in it. Having a plan in place to get home safely if you have been drinking is important, no matter what your plans are.

2) Have at least two back-up plans.

Now is the time to decide how you will get home safely from any Labor Day activities, but it’s not enough to have just one plan. Plans change. Your designated driver may end up drinking after all, or you may not be able to find a taxi when you need one. Make sure that you have a few options to avoid drinking and driving, so that you are never tempted to get behind the wheel.


3) Pack a kit.

You probably have an emergency kit in your car in case you are ever in a car crash in Hollywood or your community or your car breaks down. In addition to blankets, flares, and a first aid kit, however, you need a kit for getting home safely if you have been drinking. This “drive sober” kit can include a list of friends’ phone numbers and contact information for hotels and taxis as well as cash to pay for a safe ride home. It can include a sleeping bag in case you need to snooze in your car. If you have everything you need to make the right decision, it will be easier to make the decision when it’s time to get home.

4) Know your risks.

If you are at a party in a major city, getting home or staying in a hotel may be simple. If you are attending a party in a remote area, it may be a lot harder to rely on public transportation and taxis may be expensive. In these situations, it can be even more tempting to hop in the car, even if you have had a few drinks. Carefully think about your holiday plans and consider what challenges can push you make the wrong decision. Then, find ways to overcome those challenges. For example, if you will be in a remote area, maybe you and some friends can rent a shuttle service or pre-pay a taxi to pick you up at a specific hour.

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