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How to Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

It can happen anywhere and at any time, even if your car is in good condition. One minute you’re driving along and the next minute your car is making a strange noise, grinding, or is coming to a complete stop. When this happens, your priority is to avoid a secondary car accident in Homestead  or your location while also protecting your personal safety.


Here’s how you can do that:

1) Get out of the way.

As soon as you notice your car is struggling, pull over to the side of the road. It will help you avoid a rear-end accident in Homestead if your car stalls suddenly on a busy highway or street. Pulling over also lets you assess the situation so you can decide what to do next. Stay calm and turn off your ignition.

2) Stay visible.

Make sure other drivers can see you. Avoid parking just around a bend, for example. Put on your emergency flashers to ensure others can see you, especially if visibility conditions are poor.

3) Stay in the car.

Unless your car is overheating dangerously or it would be unsafe to stay in the car, remain in your vehicle. Lock your doors and roll up your windows if you’re in an unfamiliar area or an area that doesn’t seem safe. You want to ensure your personal safety is protected.

4) Call for help.

Contact a friend or family member to let them know your location and that you have been stranded. Call a tow service or local authorities for help if you need it.

5) Assess your personal safety.

Carefully consider your personal safety. If you are alone in a remote location and you’re traveling by yourself, it may be easier to stay in your car with the windows locked and wait for assistance. If you are near a city or a gas station, it may be safer to walk to the public location to wait for help.

Before your car breaks down, it can be useful to have an emergency kit packed in your car. Emergency kits can contain bottled water, snacks, a blanket, basic tools, cash, a list of phone numbers you can contact, a phone card, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and an emergency cell phone you can use. Consider what you will need to stay safe for a few hours if you are stranded and pack those items.

If your car has broken down due to mechanical failure and you have suffered an injury as a result, you may have a claim. Similarly, if you have been assaulted or have been the victim of a mugging, you may also have a legal claim against the perpetrator and any other liable parties.

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