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Stay Safe if You are Driving Home to See Your Family: Prevent a Miami Car Accident

At this time of year, many Miami residents are making plans to travel to see family for the holidays. While some individuals choose to take planes, cars are a popular method of getting home for the holidays – they can make for a less expensive trip and can offer more flexibility in terms of travel time. If you are planning a road trip to see family, however, make sure that you avoid Miami car accidents (as well as accidents outside the state) by following these safety tips:

1) Give yourself plenty of time. Estimate how long it will take you to drive from your home to your destination (Google Maps is a good tool for estimating this) and then add several hours. You want to offer yourself plenty of time since you may run into traffic and you will want to leave time for meals, breaks, and rest stops. Knowing that you have plenty of time to get to your destination ensures that you are not rushing, and rushing and speeding, all of which can increase your risk of Miami traffic accidents.

2) Get a weather update. Knowing what the weather will be on the day you travel and knowing what weather to expect at your destination can help you plan your trip. If the weather will be bad, do everything you can to give yourself more time and try to travel during the daylight as much as possible to get the best visibility possible.

3) Drive with a friend if you can. You can share the costs of gas and share driving time as well, so that you are not driving fatigued.

4) Plan your route carefully. Have at least two alternate routes planned so that you can get to your destination safely even if roads are closed. When planning your route, also consider possible problems, such as night driving or driving through wintery conditions, so that you are prepared for any challenges.

5) Prepare a drive safe kit. This should include a cell phone, a first aid kit, flares, a blanket, and a flashlight. If your car breaks down, you will be happy to have these items on hand. If you are traveling somewhere with winter conditions, pack a bag of salt or non-clumping kitty litter (in case you get stuck in ice and need some traction), a scraper for your windshield, and a shovel to dig yourself out of snow.

6) Make sure your car is ready for the trip. Get a tune up if it has been a while, since a poorly-maintained car is more likely to have trouble responding quickly in order to avoid a Miami truck accident or car accident. If you will be traveling somewhere with winter conditions, consider investing in a good set of winter tires – they can save your life in slippery conditions.

7) Plan to be undistracted. Well-intentioned family could phone you while you are driving to get an update on your location, so it is safest to turn off your cell phone and put it away in the glove compartment. Make sure that any entertainment you plan for your trip – such as music – will not distract you from driving.

8 ) Plan to rest before your trip. Avoid going to a party the night before your trip. If you drink late and stay out late, you will be exhausted and driving fatigued. You may also still have an alcohol blood level above the legal level, putting you at risk of a Miami drunk driving accident. Get to bed early the night before you travel, so that you are well rested and ready to drive.

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