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The Risk Factors for Being in a Car Accident

Are you at risk of a car accident in Homestead or your community? Many of us don’t think that we will ever be in a car crash, but statistics show that the majority of drivers will be in at least one collision in their life.


How likely a collision is – and how likely you are to be injured — will depend on a few risk factors:

1) How long you drive.

Young drivers who don’t have extensive experience behind the wheel are more likely to be in a Florida or Homestead car accident. However, the longer you drive, the more statistically likely you are to be in a car accident, simply because you’re spending more time on the road and it’s only a matter of time before you encounter a negligent driver who may end up sideswiping you or rear-ending your car.

2) Your driving habits.

Do you text while you drive? Do you buckle up each time you get in the car? Do you only drive when you are sober? The decisions you make every day when you drive can have the biggest impact on how safely you drive. Making good choices behind the wheel every day increases your chance that you will be able to avoid a collision.

3) Your car.

Older cars may have fewer safety features than newer cars, which may mean that in the event of a collision you may be at an increased risk of injury in an older vehicle. Older cars that are in poor condition may also be more likely to be involved in a car accident simply because they may stall, may fail to work correctly, or may have defects that lead to a car crash or injury.

4) Your age and lifestyle.

There is some controversy about which drivers are the safest or least safe on the roads. However, most researchers point to elderly drivers and youngest drivers as those that have disproportionately high levels of accidents. Young drivers may take risks or may not have the skills to avoid a collision. Elderly drivers may suffer from mobility issues, cognitive challenges, or vision problems that could affect their driving.

In addition to age, lifestyle can also play a factor. Studies, for example, have revealed that obese drivers may be more of a risk of being seriously injured in a car collision due to the way that their size affects the ability of seatbelts and other systems to protect them. Lifestyles that encourage drinking and driving or drugged driving, obviously also increase the risk of a car accident.

5) Your training.

Getting additional training or professional level training can help make you a safer driver. There are also some researchers who believe that getting racing classes can help improve your driving ability. Defensive driving classes can help you maneuver and avoid near collisions, increasing the chances that you will be able to avoid an accident if you need to.

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