The Role of Medical Records in Florida Car Accident Injury Cases

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Florida, chances are that medical records will play a big role in your personal injury case, if you decide to file one. Medical records provide crucial evidence of your injuries, their severity, and the treatment you’ve received. At Flaxman Law Group, our car accident attorneys always advise everyone to hold onto any documentation related to their car crash—including all medical records.


Documenting Your Injuries

After a car accident, seeking immediate medical attention is vital, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Not only is it crucial for your well-being, but it also helps establish a clear connection between the accident and your injuries. The medical records from your initial evaluation and treatment form the foundation of your claim.

Following your initial visit to a doctor or ER following your car accident, you’ll want a comprehensive medical evaluation to assess the full extent of your injuries. This evaluation may include tests, scans, or consultations with specialists, depending on the nature of your injuries. The medical records from these evaluations provide valuable evidence of the severity and long-term impact of your injuries.

In addition to these records, you will want to keep all records, including:

  • Photos of your injuries
  • Any notes you’ve taken at doctor’s visits
  • A list of appointment times and doctor’s visits
  • Receipts for medication or any medical treatment
  • Any recommendations for ongoing medical treatment

Medical Documents and Your Florida Car Accident Claim

You need to prove a direct link between the car accident and your injuries. Medical records provide documentation of your injuries, diagnosis, and treatment, creating a clear timeline that connects your injuries to the accident.

In complex cases or cases involving severe injuries, medical records may also be accompanied by expert opinions. Medical experts can review your records, conduct additional examinations if necessary, and provide professional opinions on the causation and long-term effects of your injuries. Expert opinions can carry significant weight in proving the link between the accident and your injuries.

Medical records further provide detailed information about the treatment you’ve received. This includes surgeries, medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and any other procedures deemed necessary by your healthcare providers.

Medical records may also include information about the expected prognosis and potential long-term effects of your injuries. This can be crucial in determining the appropriate compensation for your case. If your injuries are expected to have long-term consequences or require ongoing medical care, it’s important to have medical records that accurately reflect these circumstances so your attorney can seek compensation for your expected future medical costs.

Working with an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

Even if you have plenty of medical records and evidence in your case, the defense may try to downplay the severity of your injuries or argue that they were pre-existing or unrelated to the accident. In such situations, thorough medical records can refute these arguments by establishing a clear timeline, providing expert opinions, and demonstrating the direct correlation between the accident and your injuries.

To effectively use medical records in your car accident case, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. An experienced car crash claims lawyer knows which medical records important and can present them effectively. He or she can build a strong case by subpoenaing records and securing strong evidence.

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