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Things You Want to Keep in Your Car In Case You Are Ever in a Car Accident in Hollywood or Florida

No one wants to think that they will be in a serious car or truck accident in Hollywood or their community, but the longer you drive the more likely it is, statistically, that you will eventually be in a crash. It pays to be prepared in any event, to ensure that you are as protected as possible. In addition to having good defensive driving skills and good insurance, you can protect yourself by having a few things in your car:

1) Basic maintenance and repair tools. If you are ever in a single-vehicle collision, you will want to be able to help yourself. For this, you will want to have on hand your car’s manual, a tire inflater and sealer, a spare tire, jumper cables, duct tape and WD-40, contact information for roadside assistance or a mechanic in the area, and a tire pressure gauge.


2) Safety kit. If you are in a hit-and-run accident in Hollywood or your community and no one stops to offer you help, you may be on your own for a while and you will want to have supplies that can help you survive. You will want to have a first aid kit, a flashlight, a blanket, radio, a multi-purpose tool that includes a knife and other gadgets, matches, a cell phone, energy bars and water, maps, flares or reflective signs, and maps. Another good item to keep in your glove compartment is a glass cutter, which can help you if you are ever trapped in your vehicle after a car accident.

3) After-accident convenience items. If you are ever involved in a traffic accident in Hollywood or your community, it can be handy to have items on hand to make the process immediately after the accident easier. For example, having a camera on hand or a cell phone that can take photos makes it easier to document evidence at the scene. Having a notebook and pen can also be handy for taking down contact information of any witnesses and the other driver. It is also useful to have insurance information handy as well as a list of local attorneys, medical clinics, hospitals, and other important information. Finally, if you are ever in a serious accident, it can help emergency responders if emergency contacts and any medical or allergy information is listed with your insurance information in the glove compartment.

4) Items that can reduce your chances of being in a car accident
. Having a fold-up kennel in your car is a big convenience if you transport dogs or pets, as it ensures that pets are never roaming free all over your car, posing a distraction. Having sunglasses and sunscreen can also be important if you want to protect yourself from the sun and the glare of a bright Florida day. In fact, anything you need that can make your driver more pleasant and less distracted can be a big help.

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