What You Do Before You Get in Your Car Can Help You Prevent Car Accidents

The split-second decisions we make when driving can help keep us safe and can keep those sharing the road with as safe as well. However, the things we do before we ever get in the car can also impact our safety on the road.


Here are some ways we can prevent car accidents before ever stepping into the car:

  • Changing our mindset. Studies have shown that most drivers think they are excellent motorists. Given the number of accidents that happen across Florida each year, many people are overestimating their driving skills. It can be useful to think of yourself as someone who continues to work on their skills and drives carefully. Stop fully at red lights and stop signs. Obey the speed limit. Drive the way you were taught in driving school.
  • Managing our time. Fatigued driving is a leading cause of truck accidents and car accidents. By managing our time, getting adequate rest, and getting good quality sleep, we can not only help prevent car accidents but we can also help prevent workplace accidents and other accidents caused by fatigue.
  • Learning to focus. Distraction is a major cause of many car accidents. Studies have shown that our attention spans have decreasing in recent years and we’re all more distracted. Making a conscious effort to focus on one thing at a time–such as driving when you’re behind the wheel–can help you focus and avoid daydreaming or distractions that can lead to a car crash.
  • Taking care of our health. If you notice that you are frequently fatigued, or waking up tired, or have brain fog, get a medical valuation. You may be suffering from sleep apnea, iron deficiency, or another condition which could be affecting your ability to stay awake and focused. Taking good care of your health overall can help make you a better driver and can reduce your risk of injury overall.
  • Developing our skills. Our current system asks us to take driving education once, get licensed, and never work on our skills again. Taking on a learning mindset can really help. If you’ve never taken a defensive driving course or refresher course, taking these types of classes can reduce your risk of an accident. Call your insurance company first, before you sign up for classes. Some insurers offer discounts if you work on your skills.

If you have been in a car accident, there may be help available. If your car accident was caused by negligence or reckless driving, Florida law allows you to seek compensation through a legal claim. You may also have more leeway with negotiating with insurance providers than you think.

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