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Who Pays the Costs of Car Accidents in Coral Gables and Other Florida Communities?

According to, car collisions cost each American an average of $1000 a year. There are about 43,000 fatalities related to car accidents each year. In Florida, the costs of an accident can vary from under $100 (for a minor fender bender) to millions of dollars for a serious car and truck accident in Coral Gables or another community. Of course, if you have been in a truck or car accident in Coral Gables or any other community in Florida, you know that the costs of the accident are far greater than just the monetary costs. The emotional upheaval and pain and suffering can endure for years.

Many people pay the costs for a serious traffic accident in Coral Gables:

1) The victim injured in the traffic accident. Victims who are injured in a truck or car accident in Florida often pay the highest price. They may need to get their cars replaced or repaired and they may miss income and work. In many instances, car accidents lead to serious injuries, and treating soft tissue injuries, back injuries, fractures, burns, or head injuries in Coral Gables and other communities is very expensive.

2) The family of the victim. The family of the victim often pays a high price in a serious traffic collision, as well. In a fatal accident, the family may be left with final bills, final medical expenses, funeral bills, and other costs. If the loved one was an income earner, the loss may also devastate a family’s finances for years to come.

3) Employers. Employers lose millions of dollars each year due to employees being injured in car accidents and therefore being unable to work. If the accident was a workplace accident, an employer’s insurance costs may rise.

4) Insurance companies. Insurance companies may need to pay out damages in a car accident case. The costs are covered by the insurance premiums that insurance clients pay, but in many cases insurance carriers are interested in resolving cases inexpensively and quickly. This is one reason why many car collision victims turn to personal injury attorneys in Coral Gables and across South Florida – to get fair compensation for their injuries.

5) Society as a whole. Society as a whole pays for car collisions in Coral Gables and beyond with loss of productivity, more hospital crowding, and damaged roads. Almost everyone is affected by car accidents in some fashion and everyone suffers due to the suffering, medical costs, and damage that a serious accident can cause.

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