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Why are Hit and Run Car Accidents in North Bay Village and Across Florida So Common?

The Florida Highway Patrol is concerned that hit and run cases are on the rise, with close to 70,000 hit and run accidents reported across Florida last year. Experts have many explanations for why the increase in hit and run accidents in North Bay Village and across Florida is occurring:

1) Uninsured or underinsured drivers. In some cases, experts say that after a car or truck accident in North Bay Village or another community, drivers leave the scene because they do not have adequate insurance, are concerned that their insurance rates will go up, or have no insurance at all and don’t want to face authorities or insurance claims as a result. Drivers do have the option of getting additional insurance on their own policies to protect themselves against underinsured drivers.

2) Drivers with previous records. In some cases, a truck or car accident in North Bay Village is a hit and run accident because a driver has a previous record or does not want to speak with authorities because the driver has an outstanding warrant. They are worried that having an additional mark on their record can harm them further or worry that police will be able to charge them with additional offenses.

3) Unlicensed drivers. According to some experts, up to 3% of drivers across the country have no license at all and are driving without authorization or insurance. In some cases, unlicensed drivers have a suspended license or simply have never been able to qualify for a license. When unlicensed drivers cause a car or pedestrian accident in North Bay Village or another community, they may leave the scene of the collision because the penalties for driving without a license are significant.

4) Panic. In some cases, drivers panic and leave the scene of an accident. For example, young drivers may be worried about being blamed for an accident, may panic, and may therefore leave the scene of the accident. In some cases, someone may be driving distracted, under the influence, or maybe doing something else that can lead to serious charges. Therefore, rather than being charged with those offenses they leave the scene of an accident, hoping that authorities will never be able to find them. Of course, if drivers are found after leaving the scene of an accident, the charges against them can be even more significant.

Hit and run accidents in North Bay Village and across Florida are a serious cause for concern. When drivers leave the scene of a collision, they do not stop to offer help to anyone who may be injured. Each year, people die due to their injuries because no one stopped to offer help. In addition, when drivers leave the scene of an accident, anyone who is injured in the accident may have a harder time recovering insurance money for their injuries, and may face additional financial pressure due to that fact.

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