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Why Distracted Driving Can Mean More Florida Car Accidents in the Summer

Summer can mean more distractions and therefore more Florida car accidents. There are many causes for distraction in the summer months:

1) A busier schedule. While the dog days of summer are meant to be a more relaxing time, for many people they are anything but. There are children’s camp activities and summer plans, a busier social life, wedding season, and many more distractions. A hectic schedule in the summer months can mean being emotionally distracted and unable to focus. It can also mean sleepless nights, late nights, and cell phones ringing while you are trying to drive. To avoid an accident, consider slowing down your schedule where possible and make a good effort to get a good night’s sleep.

2) More bustle on the streets. The streets are busier during the summer months, as visitors and local families take advantage of Florida’s green spaces, attractions, and beautiful weather. As well, many municipalities introduce special street events, live street entertainments, and billboards to attract visitors. These can all distract drivers and can cause other drivers on the road to rubberneck, as well.

3) More drivers. There tend to be more drivers on the roads during the summer, thanks to no school and thanks to the visitors who visit the state. Extra drivers and cars on the road can mean traffic, aggressive driving, and a higher risk of Florida car accidents due to the congestion on the roads.

4) Road work. Another contributor to congestion, road work is distracting because it can be hard to resist a peek at a new construction or a new project. However, it is important to stay focused on driving and to slow down in these construction areas.

5) Passengers. Whether you are ferrying the kids to summer activities or going on a family road trip, you are likely to have more passengers in your car more often during the summer months. Passengers can easily distract you with chatting and by pointing out sights on the road. Try to keep passengers quiet by having them check a map or do something else for you while you drive.

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