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Summer Road Dangers to Avoid

Now that the summer is headed our way, there are some new dangers on the roads. Look out for these hazards to help prevent Florida car accidents:

1) Recreational vehicles. At this time of year, many people take out ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of similar vehicles for fun. When these vehicles share the road with you, you need to be extra cautious to avoid a collision. Also, while people are not supposed to use motorized scooters, golf carts, or ride-on mowers on roads, some do, so be alert for these hazards as well.

2) More pedestrians. Visitors and Florida residents alike enjoy the summer days by heading out for walks. Many people take advantage of lazy summer days to take strolls or try jogging. Keep alert, especially at intersections and in areas near walking trails. Give pedestrians plenty of room and be prepared for the unexpected. Together, we can help lower the rate of Florida pedestrian accidents.

3) Weather conditions. While most of us consider winter weather to be a hazard, summer has its own hazards. Hot, dry days can make it hard to concentrate on driving, for example, while sunny days can make visibility very difficult. As well, high heat can cause older cars to overheat and function poorly. Keep bottled water, sunscreen, and sunglasses in your car so that you can stay comfortable and focused on the road.

4) Road work. At this time of year, many municipalities start building projects and road repair. In these areas, slow down and follow signs or indicators. Stay alert for workers or work vehicles, which pose an additional obstacle for driver. Where possible, learn about road work on your route ahead of time and take an alternate route to avoid traffic and the risks of construction areas.

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