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Why Summer Barbecues Can Mean More Florida Drunk Driving Accidents

Florida drunk driving accidents are a highly preventable cause of injuries and fatalities year round, but there are certain hazards that make drunk driving even more of a menace during the summer:

1) Summer holidays. College kids are home from school and the summer is filled with long weekends and holidays, leading to parties where alcohol is served. Many police departments set up road checks and sobriety checks during holidays, knowing that more people choose to drink and drive during holiday weekends.

2) Summer barbecues and cookouts. Summer is a time for having a beer by the lake or a few cold ones with a barbecue. Unfortunately, Florida car accidents sometimes happen when someone decides to drive after drinking. In many cases, the driver is not even aware that they are over the legal limit because they have only had a small amount of alcohol. It’s best to avoid driving even if you have had only one or two drinks.

3) More cars on the road. During the summer, there are more cars on Florida’s roads. Tourists arrive for the season, more parents are shuttling children to summer events, and students home from college are driving on the roads as well. More crowded roads and drinking and driving are a terrible mix, making a car accident more likely.

4) Heat and sunlight. Bright light and heat enhance the soporific effects of alcohol, making it even more likely that someone who has been drinking will fall asleep or have trouble concentrating behind the wheel. For this reason, it is very important to avoid driving, even if you have had only a small number of drinks.

5) Cabins and vacation homes. At this time of year, many people open their cottages, cabins, and vacation homes for entertainment. When alcohol is served at these parties, it can be a problem, as vacation homes are often far from public transit or taxi stands, making it hard to get home safely after drinking. For this reason, it is important to have a plan in place ahead of time to get home safely.

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