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How to Avoid Florida Car Accidents During Tourist Season

It’s no secret that Florida is a major tourist destination and now that the school season is winding down, many people from all across the country and from around the world are making plans to visit the state for their vacations. Tourists bring important cash into the economy, but they can also mean a greater risk of Florida car accidents because:

1) Not all tourists are familiar with Florida roads. Tourists may drive more slowly, back up, and need to turn around as they look for their hotels or destinations. The roads and road signs – as well as the hazards – which are familiar to local Floridians are not familiar to those who have never driven on Florida roads before. Anticipating other cars and driving defensively is therefore important for all drivers.

2) More tourists mean more traffic. More people pouring into Florida and heading on the roads towards major attractions means more traffic – and traffic can mean more frayed tempers as well as a greater risk of car accidents. When driving during the tourist season, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and give yourself plenty of space on the road.

3) More tourists mean more bicyclists and pedestrians. Many visitors enjoy exploring Florida’s natural beauty on foot. This can mean more bicyclists and more pedestrians sharing the roadways with cars, which in turn can lead to more Florida bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. It is important to be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists – especially those who may not be familiar with local roads.

To drive safely as we share the state with visitors, be sure to put away and distractions before you get in your car and drive defensively. Courteous driving will keep you and your family safer and will also encourage visitors to come back to the state for their next vacation.

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