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Planning a Summer Road Trip? Tips to Stay Safe

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. Whether you are headed across the country or just across the state, however, use these tips to avoid a Florida car accident during your vacation:

1) Make sure your car is ready for the road. Some cars are simply not fit for long road trips. Before you go, take your car to a trusted mechanic for a basic tune-up and a check of major systems. Get your fluids changed and your tires and brakes checked to ensure that your car is ready for the journey.

2) Plan your trip carefully. Map out your trip carefully, making sure to note rest stops, hotels, and alternative routes in case main routes prove impassable. Online communities are a great way to plan a trip. Make sure that you note any hazards on your route – such as mountainous areas or areas known for fog – so that you are prepared.

3) Pack the essentials. In a small duffel bag, you should pack the items that you need to drive safe. These items should include snacks and bottled water, a blanket, a map, sunscreen, a hat, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and a cell phone (which should be turned off while you drive). Having everything you may need in one place makes it easier to pull over to the side of the road and find the essentials when you need one of these items.

4) Give all passengers a job to do. Passengers can be a great distraction on the road, so give your passengers a game to play or have them trace the route on a map. This is especially important for small children, who can squabble and be very distracting when bored. If you are traveling with children, pack an iPod of music, games, and other distractions.

5) Take your time. Giving yourself plenty of time ensures that you are not trying to drive for hours at a time. When planning your trip, schedule a short break every hour, as well as time for meals plus a good night of sleep at a hotel or motel. Good breaks can make you less likely to be fatigued and therefore dangerous on the road.

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