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Your Teen Driver’s First Road Trip

For many teens, a road trip is an adventure and something of a rite of passage. Therefore, many teen drivers look forward to the day they can gather together a few friends and hit the road. If your teen driver is going on a first road trip, keep these safety tips in mind:

1) Make sure your teen has GPS and a cell phone – but won’t use them while driving. A cell phone with a GPS feature can help your teen call for help and get oriented, but since distracted driving is a leading cause of Florida car accidents, you want to ensure that your teen won’t use these devices while driving. Make sure that your teen agrees to pull over onto the side of the road before using these devices. Also, arrange a call-in time for your teen to call you to let you know that everything is fine.

2) Help your teen plan the trip. Work together to identify driving times, rest stops and breaks, potential hazards, and good driving routes. Make sure that your teen understands all the information needed to drive safely.

3) Create a written agreement. Create a contract with your teen and sign it. The contract should outline the rules for the road trip – such as when your teen will call in, a no drunk driving clause, a no distracted driving clause, and anything else you need to keep your driver safe. Be sure to outline fines and penalties for breaking the rules.
4) Encourage your teen to choose passengers carefully. Passengers are a major cause of distraction for teen drivers, so encourage your driver to consider who is coming along on the trip. Consider packing snacks or other activities for passengers so that your teen can focus on the road.

5) Make sure that your teen has a safe car to drive. Many teens driver older used cars because they are affordable, but not all of these cars are adequate for the rigors of a road trip. Take the car to your own mechanic to make sure the vehicle is sound and safe.

6) Consider the gift of additional training. The best gift you have give your teen before the road trip is a few hours of extra training with a qualified driving instructor. One on one training with a good instructor can help your teen correct some bad habits and brush up on skills needed for a longer trip.

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