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The Facts About Seat Belt Use

Seat belts save lives. In fact, more than 62,000 lives were saved by seat belts between 2008 and 2012. While they are not as high-tech as many other safety features of today’s cars, seat belts remain one of the most important inventions when it comes to car safety.

In the event of a collision, seat belts keep you inside the car, which is crucial. Being thrown from the vehicle dramatically increases your chances of fatal head injuries. In addition, being thrown around the inside of the car can cause fractures and other serious injuries. A seat belt keeps you in place, even if your car rolls over, helping you to avoid some injuries.

Seat belts also are designed to make your air bags work better. Without a seat belt, air bags can actually be dangerous because you are thrown violently into an airbag while it’s inflating. The force of the impact can be enough to cause serious injury.

While most of us buckle up without thinking twice about it, make sure you follow these tips for ensuring proper seat belt use:

  • Use your seatbelt each time you drive, even if you’re just going a short distance. Make sure all your passengers buckle up, too. Car accidents can occur at any time, and always being prepared can reduce your risk of being seriously injured.
  • Look at seat belt fit when buying a car. Only buy a car if the sit belt fits right. Ask the dealership for help with adjustments if needed. Read the owner’s manual to ensure you get the best fit possible. If you need help with your seat belt, you can also contact the car manufacturer for help.
  • When driving older or antique cars, make sure you have proper seatbelts correctly installed. While they may not be original to the vehicle, they can save your life. If you are buying an older car, be sure to look at the rear seat belts, especially. Some older models may only have lap belts, which did not offer the same protection as three-point seatbelts.
  • Check your seatbelts regularly. Seatbelts do get worn and can become frayed over time. In addition, if you have been in a car accident, especially, the pressure on the seatbelt may have affected the mechanism. Check to make sure that the mechanism on your seatbelt works correctly and get it fixed if it does not. If you’re buying a used or older car, make sure the seatbelts work correctly and get them replaced if they look worn, frayed, or don’t seem to function properly.

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