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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Your Risk of Car Accidents in Hollywood or South Florida

Driving is one of the riskiest things you do every day. Insurance companies estimate that the average driver files a car accident claim every 17.9 years, meaning that the average driver who gets behind the wheel of a car at age 16 can expect to have three to four accidents over a lifetime that are serious enough to merit a claim.


The good news is that there are things you can do to lower your risk of accidents. They include:

1) Become a life-long learner. Driving changes with time. Your body changes, which means your interaction with the car shifts. Where you live may change and the traffic on your street or your area may start to look very different with infrastructure work or a different population. One way to deal with this is to brush up on your driving skills. Getting refresher courses is a smart investment, especially if you’ve recently had a serious injury or illness which impacts your driving or if you have moved to a new area with different traffic or a different climate. If you’ve never had the benefit of a defensive driving or racing class, it’s not too late to reap all the advantages of this type of instruction!

2) Choose cars carefully. Look at crash test data to find a safe vehicle. Also, look for cars with electronic stability control, front-collision mitigation, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, and other safety features.

3) Use caution in what seem like low-risk driving situations. Resolve to take backing up, driving in your neighborhood, and parking seriously. Sometimes, drivers feel that these are low-risk activities. In a parking lot, for example, your speed is low. However, taking these seemingly low-risk activities seriously reduces your risk of an accident.

4) Don’t speed. Make it a resolution not to speed. Not only does it use up more fuel, making car ownership more expensive, but it makes it more likely that you will lose control of your vehicle. If you are ever in a traffic accident in Hollywood or anywhere in Florida or any other location, speeding can increase the risk of serious injuries or even fatalities.

5) Take your physical and mental condition very seriously. Make it a resolution to do a physical and mental self-check before turning on the engine. If you are buzzed or under the influence in any way, don’t get behind the wheel, even if you think you are “safe.” Your response times and decision-making are still affected. If you are ill or your mobility is compromised, do not get behind the wheel. Similarly, if you are angry, upset, or distracted, you are more at risk of an accident.

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