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Snow is Headed to South Florida—Are You Ready?

Snow and winter conditions have already hit Northern Florida and the icy weather is now headed to Southern Florida. It may even impact Miami, Hollywood, Homestead, West Palm Beach, and other areas. While snow in Florida is exciting and while the sort of blizzard conditions which affect the north are unlikely to travel this far south, keep in mind that winter conditions of any kind can be dangerous. For Florida drivers, especially, even small amounts of ice and snow can be deadly, simply because many of us are not used to driving in wintry conditions.


Use these tips to stay safe in the snow:

1) Slow down. Usual posted driving speeds can be dangerous with ice and snow because the roads are slippery and snow can hide slick spots and dangers.

2) Eliminate distractions. Do not attempt to take pictures or to use your mobile devices as you drive. Even hands-free devices can take your mind off driving when you need to focus more.

3) Take a look at your tires. Ideally, switch to winter tires if you have them. The extra traction and good treads give you a better grip on the road.

4) Do not head out unless you have to. If you have never driven in winter conditions before, it’s best not to learn on the fly, especially if roads are very icy or if conditions get worse. If you must head out, pack a shovel, salt, flashlight, and a blanket in your car in case you get stuck.

5) Be careful walking. Being a pedestrian is just as dangerous as being a driver when there’s snow. Drivers may not be slowing down enough, making it hard for them to stop at crosswalks. The slippery sidewalks can mean more slip and fall accidents in Hollywood, Homestead, Miami, and any other community impacted by the weather system. Wear sturdy shoes with good treads and stay visible. Use caution when out and about.

6) Clear your drive and walkways. Slip and fall accidents are a danger to you and your family and also put you at risk of premises liability claims. Use a shovel to clear your driveways and walkways and use salt or sand to provide traction.

7) Keep visibility good. If you’re driving, check the label on your windshield fluid to make sure it can stand cold temperatures. Always scrape off any snow and ice from your car’s roof, windows, and windshield. Use your wipers to keep the windshield clear and turn on your headlights when it’s snowing so you stay visible to other drivers.

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