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8 Ways to Become a Safer Driver in Hollywood This Month

There’s not much you can do about drunk driving in Hollywood, aggressive drivers, distractions on the roads, or poor road maintenance. However, if you want to avoid a car accident in South Florida, there is one thing you can control: you.


By becoming a safer driver, you can become more confident behind the wheel and slash your risk of an accident – no matter what other drivers are doing on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers think they drive wonderfully and there’s no room for improvement. Most driving instructors and safety experts disagree: many of us have bad habits or areas where we can improve.

Here are eight simple steps you can take this month to get safer behind the wheel:

1) Sign up for a class.

If you’ve never taken a defensive driving class, it’s a great investment in your safety. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken driver education, consider taking a refresher course or even a few one-on-one classes with a driving instructor. You may already know there’s some areas you need to work on. Maybe you feel nervous on highways, for example, or you haven’t had a chance to parallel park in a while. Here’s your chance to sharpen those skills.

2) Clean out your car.

A messy car is a distraction and can keep you from being safe. In an accident, anything scattered over your seat or on the floor can be thrown around, hitting you and causing injuries. Items on your floor can also sometimes roll under your pedals, causing a crash.

Tidy up your car today and get it ready for safe driving. Put some bottles of water and a pair of sunglasses in your console so you don’t have to reach for them and stock your car with a roadside emergency kit and maps in case you get lost or your car breaks down. Create playlists on your car’s sound system, too, so you’re not distracted by trying to set up music while you’re driving.

3) Make an appointment with your mechanic.

If it’s been a while, get your car up to speed. A car with mechanical issues is more likely to stall, putting you at risk of a rear-end collision in Hollywood – not to mention many other types of crashes.

4) Sign up for a basic maintenance class.

Knowing how to change your own oil, check tire pressure, and care for your car can help you save money and can help prevent the hassle of being stuck when something goes wrong. Being able to care for your car can also help you to keep your car in top shape – which can help you stay safer.

5) Put basic maintenance checks in your calendar.

Use your calendar or planner to write down when you need your tires changed, when you need to check tire pressure, when you need to change the oil, and when you need other basic maintenance work. This way, everyday hectic life won’t allow you to forget about your car and its safety checks.

6) Think three moves ahead.

Starting today, get into the habit of always checking your mirrors and thinking three moves ahead each time you drive. It’s a very simple way to be more prepared and to avoid getting distracted.

7) Get into the habit of planning your trips ahead of time.

Use your GPS or plan your trip with maps before you go so you don’t drive around lost. When you’re confident about where you’re heading, you can spend more time focusing on good driving.

8) Spend some time practicing.

When you first got your license, you probably couldn’t wait to get the car and practice. After a few years, however, the excitement may have worn off and maybe you see driving as a rote task. Honing your driving skills is still important, however. Take a drive somewhere new to practice or try heading to a racing track for lessons to improve your skills behind the wheel.

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