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Buying a Safe Used Car in Hollywood and South Florida

There are lots of ways to buy a safe used car in Hollywood and South Florida. You can visit a dealership or used car lot to get a car or you can buy direct from any number of online websites and newspapers. No matter how you buy, keep in mind the choices you make could affect your safety on the roads.

Used cars can be safe vehicles with many miles still left in them, but some have serious mechanical flaws or even compromised safety features that could put you at risk on the road. A safe car in good condition can help you avoid breakdowns, costly repairs, and even car accidents.


Here are a few tips for buying the safest car possible:

1) Shop newer cars if you can.

Much older cars, unless they have been updated, may have less robust safety features when compared with newer models. If your budget allows, a newer vehicle with more safety features can be a better option.

2) Always meet in public if buying direct.

If you are buying from an online ad and meeting a car owner, go to see the car with a friend and tell others where you’re going. Meet in a public place. You’re meeting a stranger and you need to consider personal safety.

3) Visit reputable dealerships.

If you’re buying your used car from a dealership, check reputation ratings online or ask for recommendations from family and friends.

4) Check the car thoroughly.

Always inspect the car very carefully and keep an eye out for anything that seems “off.” A brand-new undercoat or a car that has a “brand new” smell even though it’s many years old could be hiding something. Any strange sounds in the engine, leaking fluids, or unaligned panels and bumpers can indicate serious mechanical problems or even a previous collision. Always look over the paperwork and turn down any car with missing paperwork. Even check the seatbelts – frayed and torn belts might not be safe.

5) Get the car checked by a mechanic.

Even if you know a little bit about cars, get the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. The minor cost is the best way to tell whether there are any safety issues. If a seller doesn’t want a mechanic to see the car, it’s a red flag that could indicate the seller has something to hide.

6) Get background information about the car.

It’s easy to get detailed information about a car using the car’s vehicle information number (VIN). This can help you determine whether the car has been involved in a serious crash. Check to see whether the model has been recalled and whether any known problems have been fixed.

7) Resist high-pressure tactics.

If a seller insists you need to buy today – before you check the VIN or get the car checked by a professional mechanic – you should walk away. You need to carefully check everything is in place before buying and any seller resisting that could be pushing you into an expensive mistake.

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