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The Car Accident Kit You Need in Hollywood and Florida

If you drive around Hollywood or anywhere in Southern Florida, you are likely aware of the risk of accidents. No matter how careful you are, a rear-end, head-on or chain reaction accident can affect you due to reckless behavior of other drivers.


Knowing what to do after a car collision in Hollywood is essential. The first few minutes after an accident are vital and can affect your healing and your legal case. Being prepared starts with knowing what to do and having the tools on hand to protect yourself.

One way to be prepared for anything is to have an accident and emergency kit in your car. Your kit should contain:

  • A list of instructions. The moments after a car accident can be frightening. Having a step-by-step list of things you should do can be helpful to keep you on track.
  • Witness cards. Printed cards that remind you to take the contact information of witnesses can help with the documentation process after a car crash.
  • A camera. Most people today carry phones and can take photos when they like. However, your phone may become damaged during a crash or you may forget it or be low on batteries. A back-up disposable camera is an inexpensive way to ensure you have some way to take many photos of the scene, the cars involved, your injuries, and any other relevant details.
  • A medical card. It can be useful to have a card you can give to paramedics, containing information about allergies, medication, medical conditions, health insurance information, and any other relevant information.
  • A form about the accident. A form with a street diagram can help you quickly note down details about the accident as well as the details of the location, time, date, and other details which can help your case.
  • Flashlight. If your collision happens in the dark, a flashlight can help you stay safe and examine your car.
  • First aid kit. In the event of a minor accident, a first aid kit can help you treat any minor scrapes sustained by you and your passengers.
  • Blankets. If you are in shock or are in a crash during a cooler night, a blanket can help you stay warm until help arrives.
  • Water and sunscreen. During a hot summer day in Southern Florida, it can get very hot if you’re in your car, pulled over on the side of a road after a crash. Sunscreen and water can help you prevent burns and dehydration while you wait for a tow truck.
  • Contact information. Keep a list of contact information for your physician, insurance companies, friends and family, Hollywood car accident attorney, a tow truck company, a taxi, and anyone else you might need in an accident. Have this information printed, too. Your phone may be damaged in a crash or you  may be out of range when you need help, and knowing who to call can be a big help.

If you have been in a car accident in Hollywood or any Southern Florida community, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our attorneys handle all the details of client cases, from arranging car rentals to negotiating with insurance companies, so you can focus on you and your needs.