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Are you a Hollywood Driver at Risk for Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving in Hollywood and South Florida is a major problem. Aggressive driving can be as dangerous on our roads as drunk driving. Angry drivers can be so enraged that they may act in reckless or dangerous ways. They may cut others off, shout, speed, or weave in and out of lanes. All of this can cause an accident.


Aggressive drivers are also distracted drivers. They may be so focused on their anger and on the drivers who are the target of their anger that they may be taking their eyes off the road. Certainly, their minds are not on safe driving. They may make mistakes or fail to react to situations correctly, potentially causing an accident.

All of us get upset and angry at times. However, there are red flag signs that you may be at risk for aggressive driving:

1) You have trouble controlling your temper outside the car.

Aggression outside the car can translate into aggressive driving in the car. If you have trouble staying calm in situations outside of driving, you may eventually lose your temper in the car, too. Before it gets to that point, you may want to take control of your emotions and get assistance to avoid an accident.

2) You’re always in a hurry.

Not giving yourself adequate time to get your destination can increase the likelihood of aggressive driving or road rage. When you feel pressed for time, you’re more likely to get upset when people cut you off or go slower than you’d like.

3) You honk or complain about other drivers.

You may not think your actions constitute road rage because you honk but don’t actually get out of the car to confront other drivers. However, any aggressive actions – such as honking, swearing, or making gestures at other drivers — constitutes aggressive driving. It can be dangerous and it can distract you from being the safest driver you can be.

What to do if you’re at risk

If you notice any of the signs of aggressive driving, take action now. There are several things you can do before you are involved in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in Southern Florida:

Talk to someone about your anger. If you feel angry or upset all the time, talk to your doctor or to a counselor. There are anger management techniques that can help you stay calm and get more control of your life.

Practice calming techniques. Yoga, deep breathing, meditation can all help you control your emotions and stay more levelheaded. When you find yourself getting angry, take a deep breath and count to ten.

Learn to recognize your anger. Before your anger spirals out of control, learn to recognize the first signs of annoyance or displeasure. Taking steps to calm yourself when you are merely irritated can help prevent full-on aggression or anger.

Manage your time successfully. Give yourself more time to get to your destination. Cross items off your to-do list and give yourself a little extra space to complete all your activities. When you feel less pressed or rushed, you may find it easier to rein in your emotions.

If you have been in a car accident caused by an aggressive driver or a road rage incident, contact Flaxman Law Group. Whether you have been assaulted by an angry driver or have been in an accident caused by someone driving recklessly, you may have a civil suit. To find out whether you do have a claim and to explore how much your claim may be worth, arrange a free consultation with Flaxman Law Group. We’d  be happy to tell you more.