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Pedestrian Accidents Still a Concern for Broward County and Hollywood

Although pedestrian fatalities declined 4% in Florida last year, the state still sees more pedestrian accidents and fatalities than much of the country. And Broward County has the second-largest number of pedestrian fatalities in Florida.


Obviously, more needs to be done to prevent pedestrian accidents in Broward County, Hollywood, and across southern Florida. According to authorities and safety experts, everyone has a role to play in preventing these types of collisions:

1) Motorists.

Unfortunately, motorists may be driving drunk, distracted, or otherwise not taking their role seriously and this can lead to pedestrian accidents. When drivers are impatient at intersections, for example, they may cut into crosswalks prematurely, hitting pedestrians. Similarly, when cars do not check to make sure that crosswalks are clear before moving forward, they may hit a pedestrian still in the crosswalk.

Motorists must obey the speed limit and driving laws to keep all road users safe. Pedestrians are far more vulnerable than drivers and it’s important for car drivers to take their role behind the wheel seriously.

2) Authorities.

Cities can do a great deal to prevent pedestrian accidents and deaths. Poor road design, for example, can contribute to pedestrian accidents. When pedestrians don’t have crosswalks, safe sidewalks to walk on, and clearly designated street signs, it can be harder for them to share the road with drivers. Streets designed for both pedestrians and drivers, with clear areas designated for each, can go a long way towards ensuring pedestrians are visible to drivers and less vulnerable to collisions.

Authorities in cities can also help by cracking down on dangerous driving. Unfortunately, when distracted driving, drunk driving, and other types of dangerous driving don’t result in harsher penalties some negligent drivers will continue to operate their motor vehicles an unsafe ways, putting everyone at risk. In some cases, it takes pedestrian civil lawsuits to seek out justice in cases where drivers have repeatedly driven unsafely. Stricter penalties and stricter laws preventing unsafe driving could potentially help prevent deadly accidents on our streets.

3) Pedestrians.

Pedestrians, too, have an important role to play in preventing crashes and intersection accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida. Pedestrians, like drivers, need to be conscientious of road rules and need to avoid distraction, inebriation, and anything that can affect mobility and judgment. Crossing safely at crosswalks and obeying the rules can help keep pedestrians safer.

Unfortunately, in many pedestrian accidents, pedestrians are blamed for the collision, even if a distracted motorist, road design issue, or other problem caused the collision. If you are a pedestrian who has been injured and you are worried about wage loss as well as high medical expenses, you shouldn’t have to worry about being blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault as well as the financial impact of your injuries. If you have been injured, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.